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Adentity is a full service communications and advertising agency based in Malmö, Sweden. We strengthen companies by building consistent value-based communication in line with corporate ambitions.

We develop and implement marketing strategies, concepts and integrated marketing communication throughout the entire value chain. With over 20 years of experience, Adentity contributes to building brands for a number of international companies working in markets across the globe.

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Let's go on a brand journey

Building strong market positions with Adentity

We are celebrating Adentity’s first 20 years! Let’s go on a brand journey together. Here are some highlights and a homage to team spirit, the joy of creative work and passion for building strong brands.

Motion Graphic Designer? Look here!

Do you know how to rock keyframes and in-betweens, visual effects, and After Effects? Do you have a feeling for music, rhythm, and visual storytelling where timing, precision, and branding work together? We are looking for a skilled, driven, and talented Motion Graphics Designer / Video Editor to strengthen our team on a freelance basis. Does it sound like you? Read more and get in touch here.

Adentity celebrating 20 years in Paris

Adentity celebrating 20 years in Paris!

Bonjour Paris! We celebrated Adentity’s first 20 years with an inspirational trip to Paris. A homage to team spirit, the joy of creative work and passion for building strong brands. Paris inspired us with its beauty, art, culinary experiences, architecture, and vibrant street life. Come with us to Paris! Read more here

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An image made by Adentity for the Bona Traffic GO launch. A new tide for high traffic floors

Envisioning the next generation of lacquer

Adentity had the pleasure to create an international marketing campaign with Bona for their latest product launch – Bona Traffic GO. The process began with conceptualizing the essence of the product and turning it into a cohesive 360° integrated campaign including everything from a sales sheet, a product storybook, informational videos, as well as SoMe content. Read more about the case here!

Marketing material Some posts made by Adentity for Alfa Laval about Case Studies

Captivating stories for great impact

Share customer success! Captivating B2B case studies are powerful marketing tools. Together with Alfa Laval we created several compelling case studies highlighting different sustainability, products, services, industries, and applications.

Read more here

Adentity featured in packaging of the world for swedencare proden plaqueoff

Featured at Packaging of the World

Adentity featured at Packaging of the World! We are happy that Adentity’s new packaging design work for ProDen PlaqueOff®, the flagship product of Swedencare, is featured at Packaging of the World. A fresh new look for ProDen PlaqueOff® packaging range! Read more here

Global campaigns by Adentiy. For Bona, Tetra Pak, brio, Alfa Laval

True craftsmanship behind branding

How to develop a brand & communication platform and make your brand future proof? In this article, Adentity shares some insights where to start, how to build a strong market position and how to keep all important marketing tools in place. Let your brand journey begin!

Swedencare proden plaque off marketing material an elements by Adentity. SoMe, visual identity, website and brochures

Swedencare – Going on a brand journey

Join us on an amazing brand journey together with Swedencare and their hero category product ProDen PlaqueOff®.  From brand strategy and brand concept to execution and roll-out with campaign launch, unique concept photos, and a new visual identity.

The brand journey started off with thorough brand strategy work involving interviews, workshops, and research to pave the way for telling the unique story of Swedencare and ProDen PlaqueOff®. During a couple of beautiful summer days, we created stunning, unique imagery which captured the true essence of Swedencare and ProDen PlaqueOff®. And, with the concept “A loving breath throughout life” the new visual identity of ProDen PlaqueOff® and the Brand platform went live through ads, retail material, animations, and social media.

Come along on an exciting journey together with us and Swedencare as we add new chapters to the story of ProDen PlaqueOff®.

See more and get inspired by our brand work, concept photography and campaign launch here

Kaleidoscope of visual trends

Let’s peek at the vibrant trends shaping today’s graphical world. From pixel-perfect creations to scrapbooking nostalgia and a kaleidoscope of colours. Get inspired!

Kampi ya moto phyllis memorial calendar made by Adentity

Making a difference from Malmö to Kenya

Celebrating 10 year of supporting Kampi ya Moto’s Barn, the support organisation for Phyllis Memorial Home and Academy in Kenya. The work includes design and print of their annual calendar, sold for the benefit of raising money to the children’s home, as well as all Kampi Ya Moto’s marketing material pro bono, all part of our CSR work. Read more

Award winning clients

Company of the year

What does it take to become “The company of the year” in Malmö? Maybe being a client of ours… For the second time in 3 years one of our clients have received the finest business award at Malmö Business Gala. Read more

Design recognition

Our client Castellum wins a prestigious design and architecture prize for their project Sjustjärnan, the new head office of E.ON. Read more about the award and our work with the marketing and communication package. 

Adentity developed a marketing and communication package in line with the Castellum vision for the building. We did a unique logotype inspired by the outline of the Sjustjärnan building. Together with the Sjustjärnan project team, we created a package that boosted the team spirit, curiosity and spread information about the project to different interest groups.