Abstract, colourful and avantgarde!

Today the Adentity team went to Moderna Museet and the art exhibition displaying Hilma af Klint to get in an inspirational mood before the summer holidays.

Hilma af Klint

The Swedish artist Hilma af Klint born in 1862 was truly avantgarde! Her colours, ideas and abstract patterns were certainly before her time. She stipulated that her paintings not be shown for 20 years following her death, convinced the world was not ready for them. But now, more than 100 years later we are still stunned by her creativity and foresight.

Monumental formats and beautiful palettes

The exhibition presented the series “The Ten Largest” and “The Paintings for the Temple” – series in monumental format and beautiful colour palettes. The exhibition also touched on the artist’s own thoughts about her work and its various methods. We were breathless by her work and we really enjoyed the visit at Moderna Museet.

From Guggenheim in New York to Malmö

The previous exhibition displayed at Moderna Museet, became the most visited exhibition of a Swedish artist in the history at the museum. Since then, her work has travelled the world and also became Guggenheim’s most-visited exhibition ever. We can understand why, and we definitely recommend you go and see the exhibition.

Summer lunch at Atmosfär

After the visit to the museum we went for lunch at Atmosfär – a formal yet relaxed eatery with delicious small sharing plates. It was truly a day filled with inspiration that prepared us for the holidays that will leave us refreshed and ready to start off new exciting projects.