An image of A4 front pages of Alfa Laval case studies made by Adentity

Alfa Laval – Customer case studies

Off-shore wind power, optimal energy, reaching new heights in performance, or a cooler dairy with natural refrigerants. All customer success stories for Alfa Laval.

Case studies are vital in B2B marketing and a powerful way to establish social proof of your product while at the same time highlighting important facts and figures. It helps to build and confirm the brand story and is an effective content marketing tactic that blends exciting narratives with central data.

Adentity has, together with Alfa Laval, created a number of case stories highlighting different products, services, industries, and applications. In line with Alfa Laval’s general focus on sustainability and cleantech industries, we emphasize energy efficiency, innovative solutions, footprint reduction, performance improvement, and cost savings in the engaging stories.

Alfa Laval case story on how they sparked up Milan, made by Adentity
An image of A4 front pages of Alfa Laval case studies made by Adentity and an illustration of a process.

The key to success lies in listening carefully, interviewing the right people, working closely with the engineering team, converting data into storytelling, visualizing the story, and using illustrations and graphs as well as customer testimonials.

The case stories start with research and interviews with key stakeholders to get the essence of the story and the technical evidence for success. We develop key messaging, copy, and visual expression with different approaches to feature the specific aspects of the story. To include quotes from Alfa Laval and their project partners, along with technical facts and information about the delivered solution, gives weight and relevance to the story. The process flows are explained through infographics and illustrations we uniquely develop for each story.

The results are captivating case stories channelled through social media, the web, and print, highlighting Alfa Laval’s capabilities, and building credibility and trust. Most importantly, they act as an inspiration for innovative investments for a more efficient and sustainable future.

An image of A4 front pages of Alfa Laval case studies made by Adentity
Marketing material Some posts made by Adentity for Alfa Laval about Case Studies

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