Bona Machine Range

Performance for every need
Bona expands and develops its world leading sanding machine range with a full system of high-performance solutions. For the launch of this cutting-edge range, Adentity has conceptualised and produced the global communication campaign. The concept “Performance for every need” highlights that there is an ideal Bona machine for every sanding task, from sanding large areas such as sports arenas, to difficult-to-reach corners
in private homes.

To illustrate this, we constructed a cross section of a 3D house digitally and showed the different situations where the different machines could be used.

The campaign is executed worldwide through various media, including an interactive digital app that lets users easily explore the solutions and their benefits, online banners, print ads, brochures, and in-store material.

iPad app
We developed a user-friendly app so that users could easily explore the solutions in Bona Machine Range through the 3D house, seeing their benefits, applications, and even instructions.

Other promotional materials include a detailed brochure, online banners, in-store materials and sales sheets.

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