Castellum – Logotype Sjustjärnan

Islands, tunnels, bridges, hanging terraces – Nyhamnen is Malmö’s visionary development, converting old industrial land into a sustainable cityscape fulfilling the city’s future needs for office space, public buildings, housing and green areas.

Castellum, along with building partner Skanska, are working together to build Sjustjärnan, the new Nordic head office for E.ON. An innovative project challenging the future of workplace design. Warm modernism combined with placing office workers’ well-being at the forefront. This is no ordinary building project, this is a true collaboration, an opportunity to build an exciting sustainable future for Malmö.“We are building Sjustjärnan!” Adentity has created a unique logotype with this tagline for Castellum’s prestigious building project, Sjustjärnan in Malmö’s Nyhamnen. The result is a sculptural style outline of the building embracing modern architecture whilst keeping the focus of people and sustainability at the centre. It’s about creating and building excitement from all participants collaborating in the building project through branded communication.

We were assigned with creating a unique logotype for the Sjustjärnan-building and development project. With the aim to bring stakeholders and project participants together, the logo was created with the project’s bigger picture in mind. Working with the client’s graphic guidelines, Adentity used Castellum’s aesthetic of modern, clean design to create different proposals for the client. The process included carefully working with the client’s feedback to develop a final logotype. The result was a sculptural style outline of the building embracing modern architecture whilst keeping the focus of people and sustainability at the centre.

Additionally, two different taglines were developed to be used along with the logo: “Vi bygger Sjustjärnan(“We build Seven-Stars”) and “Castellum i Nyhamnen” (Castellum in the New Harbour”). The word choice in the taglines embrace the sentiment of celebration at the heart of this project.

From coffee cups and water bottles to bags, various different give-aways were selected that would prove both useful and representative of the building industry. The give-aways were branded with the logotype and one of the two taglines, forming an impressive array of Sjustjärnan products. These were then presented to the projects’ different stakeholders at events that were held with the mission to create involvement and a feeling of one team.

The logotype, taglines, and give-aways were well received and aided in building excitement, engagement and commitment from all participants collaborating in the project. It’s about creating team-spirit through branded communication.