Kampi ya Moto’s Children

Raising awareness with engaging communications
Adentity works ‘pro bono’ helping to raise money and attention for Kampi ya Moto’s Children, the support organisation for Phyllis Memorial Home and Academy in Kenya. The home was created in 1999 with the vision to give orphans a better future. Today, over 300 students now attend the school, taking the first steps in realising their dreams.

In harmony with the soul of the organisation, Adentity developed communications and information material to build one unified profile, reflecting the true difference they make to children’s lives.

Annual calendar
Every year, Adentity develops a calendar featuring the children of Phyllis Memorial Home and Academy. It is sold on the Kampi ya Moto’s Children website to raise funds for the home.

Communication package
We developed Kampi ya Moto’s Children’s communication package to help them present their organisation through brochures and rollups.

Visual identity
As part of our work, we also designed their visual identity, including contact cards and diplomas.

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