NutriScience – Brand platform

Together with Swedencare, we developed a brand platform for one of their core brands, NutriScience. A leading innovative manufacturer of nutritional supplements for equines, dogs, and cats. As a premium brand in a competitive market, NutriScience needed a clear brand concept, a strong positioning statement, and a new visual identity, including new, consistent packaging, – a challenge we were happy to take on.

Brand concept – Targeted health for dedicated care

Based on interviews with stakeholders, an analysis of customer segments, the products, and the competitive arena, the brand concept Targeted health for dedicated care was formed. By defining the value position, the brand pillars, core benefit, brand value, brand personality, and brand promise the new brand platform took shape with a brand concept for performance and care.

From brand manual to colours

The visual identity also reflects the new concept, with a new, clean logo available with and without payoff for different uses. We developed colours for the different therapy areas to create an easy-to-understand and recognisable system. The new Brand Book for NutriScience also included modernised typography.

A uniform global packaging design

For the new packaging, we wanted to keep recognition with the existing, but with a modern and fresh touch in line with the new brand platform. We worked on bringing in some colours, visibility on the shelf, and attractiveness through pet images. To unite all the product categories together, the dog and cat segments were aligned with the equine to create a uniform global master design.