An image made by Adentity for the Bona Traffic GO launch. A new tide for high traffic floors
An image made by Adentity for the Bona Traffic GO launch.

Pushing the boundaries with Bona Traffic GO

With eagerness, Adentity took on the challenge of creating an international marketing campaign for Bona’s revolutionizing new floor lacquer – Bona Traffic GO. With its new 2K technology, Bona Traffic GO is the next generation of lacquer for high trafficked premium floors. From concept development to final result, the goal was always the same: to conceptually encapsulate Bona’s groundbreaking technology into a cohesive 360° integrated campaign.

Image made by Adentity featuring Bona Traffic GO lit ut by the sun in a forest

Simplicity in performance and natural evolution are the strategic messaging behind Bona Traffic GO. Adentity endeavored to visualize the product’s easy simplicity, with an emphasis on sustainability. Natural elements are key in the visual messaging of Bona Traffic GO’s identity and story.

A collage made by Adentity featuring Bona Traffic GO and elements that Adentity designed. One SoMe post, one promo box and leaflet and one core sheet.

A vital aspect of this campaign are the unique brand and product images. The photoshoot for these images was at a beautiful location which really embraced the essence of Bona Traffic GO. This campaign was comprised of a variety of elements, including a storybook to highlight the key properties of Bona Traffic GO. We were also excited to take this campaign and bring it to life with a range of cross channel social media posts, as well as informational videos to accompany the campaign.

A collage made by Adentity for Bona Traffic GO. Behind the scenes of a photo shoot at Malmö Live

By using 3D animation, the wave element was brought to life to create a more vitalized product concept.

Bona traffic go concept image by Adentity
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