Castellum wins Glaspriset 2024 for Sjustjärnan

Congratulation to Castellum for winning Glaspriset for the project Sjustjärnan in Malmö. ⭐️

Glaspriset and Glaspärlan are instituted to recognise projects where the use of glass has contributed to the fulfilment of architectural, functional, innovative, and sustainable qualities. It can be anything from an entire office building in glass to a technically advanced glass detail using the criteria of architecture, function, innovation, and sustainability.

Architecture with an impressive ambition

Castellum’s vision was clear from the beginning: to create a sustainable and energy-efficient project that inspires sustainable solutions. E.ON has gathered all employees in Sjustjärnan which is one of Castellum’s biggest projects ever and a starting point for a completely new district, Nyhamnen in Malmö. The overall ambition has been to promote team spirit, cooperation, and health for the staff by offering daylight-lit, airy, and beautiful office premises. A significant and early choice was the double-shell facade with visible wood. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it also keeps the temperature comfortable indoors, especially when the sun is shining brightly. This means less need for heating on cold days and creates bright, pleasant indoor environments. E.ON’s new head office is characterised by both social sustainability and architectural qualities, as well as comfort.

Marketing & communication package for Sjustjärnan

Adentity had the opportunity to work with Castellum’s project team on the development of a marketing and communication package for Sjustjärnan, including a 7stjärnan logotype, drone film, posters, and branded kick-off material that created engagement for the building teams.


In line with Castellum’s vision, the logo was a sculptural-style outline of the building, embracing modern architecture while keeping people and sustainability at the centre. Through a bird’s-eye view from a drone, we successfully visualised not only Castellum’s building projects but also how Nyhamnen is developing and how Malmö will look in the future. And through the “Coffee Break” concept, we created mini-expos that created attention and informed about the exciting projects that set a new benchmark for developing urban environments.

The logotype, taglines, giveaways, and events all aided in building excitement, engagement, and commitment from all participants collaborating on the project. It added to creating team spirit through branded communication.

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