We help international businesses strengthen their brands – from strategy, concept to integrated campaigns across channels.

The essence of building a brand

Adentity Communication Platform™ is a proven 3 step roadmap to secure long-term branding success.

Adentity identifies your key market segments, defines a brand strategy and builds a strong position based on your mission, core values and offer.

Adentity develops creative concepts that follow a defined strategy to create consistent value-based communication.

We implement concept-guided campaigns through the most effective channels to connect with your target groups.

International full-service agency

As a full-service agency, we take a holistic approach to marketing from strategy, concept and communication throughout the value chain. We adapt to your needs, so that you can continue to do what you do best.

A complete branding and communication concept to bring out the best of your brand. We’ll work closely together with you to point your brand positioning in the right direction. This will guide the development of every communication touchpoint, including key messages, visuals, brand and marketing manuals, and campaigns – all focused on creating real results.

Whether it’s a new range, product or service our clients are introducing, we’ll help launch it into the global spotlight with a multichannel campaign. We also develop unique and memorable brand names that you can own through an internationally registered trademark.

Through clear positioning and the right channels, we help your brand succeed in the digital landscape. We develop digital strategies for social media, influencer marketing as well as producing engaging interactive apps, websites, motion picture, and campaign and micro-sites. The key to a good film is a unique idea and a strong story. Based on the film idea, we create storyboards and detailed scripts that form the basis for commercials and corporate film productions that we produce in-house or together with our talented partners.

We are your strategic partner for the digital journey. Adentity develops multisite solutions with online shops. We combine brand strategy, design, content and technology into strong website and e-commerce solutions and creates an online presence that supports your marketing, sales, and brand development.

A tight concept, a well-planned strategy, and ample preparation – that’s the winning factor to a successful showcase at any fair. We take our clients through the entire process, from the initial idea to the big day, bringing in existing and potential customers.

Great packaging helps express your product’s uniqueness and should reflect your brand profile. Whether it’s a new product or a rebranding project, Adentity’s packaging design is created to draw your customers’ attention and bring out your brand essence.

Promotional campaigns are created primarily to sell a product. But you can expect more at Adentity. Our multichannel campaigns aim to strengthen your brand at the same time. We do this by picking the right channels and messages according to your brand essence, bringing your customers closer to you.

Watch our agency showreel

Here’s our agency showreel that gives you a glimpse of Adentity’s philosophy and how we work to build stronger brands for global businesses. It also features how we have worked with some of the highest-ranked brands over the years. All from brand identity, communication platforms, and integrated campaigns to packaging design, in-store material, digital solutions, film, etc.

Do you want to find out how we can help your brand make a bigger impact in today’s volatile market? Please feel free to contact us.

Our key competences

With over 20 years of experience, you can rest assured that we offer you the expertise needed to lift your brand, whether it is in print, a video or a fair.

Our key competences include:

  • Strategic project management
  • Brand strategy
  • Creative direction
  • Art Direction & Graphical Design
  • Copywriting (Native English, Swedish)
  • Workshops and concept tests
  • Digital strategies
  • UX-UI design and content management
  • Social media
  • PR and influencer marketing
  • Co-op between brands
  • Production management
  • Quality assurance and follow-up of results

Together with our network, we can offer you what you need to strengthen your brand.

The red thread in communication

We ensure a red thread in communication – from the strategic positioning to the essence of your brand. Together we develop concepts that express brand benefits, find collaborative partners that create synergies and define the channels to be visible in. We then create engagement and interaction to strengthen your brand. Through the red thread, you create credibility and consistency in your brand.