Vi bygger starka varumärken

Adentity är en strategisk kommunikations- och reklambyrå baserad i Malmö. Vår passion är att stärka företag genom konsekvent, värdebaserad kommunikation som ligger i linje med deras ambitioner och värderingar.

Vi utvecklar och implementerar marknadsstrategier, koncept och integrerad marknadsföring genom hela värdekedjan. I över 15 år har vi byggt starka varumärken för ett antal internationella företag med marknader över hela världen.

Vad kan vi hjälpa dig med?

Se vår agency showreel

Vår agency showreel ger dig en idé om vår filosofi och hur vi arbetar med att bygga starka varumärken för globala företag. Den visar även hur vi arbetat med några av världens högst rankande varumärken med allt från varumärkesidentitet, kommunikationsplattform, integrerade kampanjer till förpackningsdesign, butiksmaterial, digitala lösningar och film.

Vill du veta mer om hur vi kan hjälpa ditt varumärke att få en större påverkan? Kontakta oss gärna så berättar vi mer.

Get inspired

True craftsmanship behind branding

How to develop a brand & communication platform and make your brand future proof? In this article, Adentity shares some insights where to start, how to build a strong market position and how to keep all important marketing tools in place. Let your brand journey begin!

Creating engagement by connecting in-store and Instagram

How do we involve and create attention among our customers? By developing a unique activity that encourage engagement, creates incentives for sharing and spreads across different channels, connecting online and offline activity. With uniquely developed recipes, inspiring cookie names, a playful colour palette and beautiful photography we created a sweet campaign for our customer Storck. Read more here

Brands transforming the image of Sweden

IKEA, Volvo and H&M! What brands are Sweden famous for? We decided to shine a light on Swedish creative brands that might not be among the typical respond. The oat drink Oatly is changing consumption patterns in urban cities, Kånken is growing its position as the urban backpack and Hövding – the first airbag for urban cyclist is a brand on the rise and breaks new ground in cities around the world. Spotify has totally redefined the music industry and is the most popular audio streaming subscription service with 232m users in 79 markets. Get inspired

Brandfullness – En strategisk roadmap för ditt varumärke

Even in the smallest social media post your brand is communicated – in the message, the video, the hashtag, the concept. To be tactical and cease new opportunities can only be done if you know what you want with your brand and have a solid base for your marketing communication. We want to take you on a brand journey with tips on how to create a stronger brand communication. Read more

Copenhagen inspires with colours

A visit to Copenhagen, Denmark can surely be an inspiring and eye-opening experience. The city is filled with colourful buildings, a fabulous food scene, culture and laid-back atmosphere. The Adentity team decided to take the 30 min train over to the neighbouring country for an inspiring day to kick-off work after the summer holidays. Ready for a whistle-stop tour of the city’s best bits handpicked by Adentity? Let’s go!

The Evolution of Retail: Enhancing the Customer Journey

The future of retail is bright for forward-thinking brands that are willing to embrace new ways of doing business. The journeys we are building aren’t limited to the online ecosystem. Using innovation to guide customers through physical stores is just as important. Get inspired

Making a difference from Malmö to Kenya

Celebrating 10 year of supporting Kampi ya Moto’s Barn, the support organisation for Phyllis Memorial Home and Academy in Kenya. The work includes design and print of their annual calendar, sold for the benefit of raising money to the children’s home, as well as all Kampi Ya Moto’s marketing material pro bono, all part of our CSR work. Read more

Award winning clients

What does it take to become “The company of the year” in Malmö? Maybe being a client of ours… For the second time in 3 years one of our clients have received the finest business award at Malmö Business Gala. Read more