Going graphic in 2019

As 2018 comes to a close, it’s time to look ahead to next year’s design trends. How will brands look, identify themselves and communicate in 2019? We took a look at some of the upcoming themes.

Web design

The biggest driver in web design is interaction. Websites are no longer just a storefront or information board. As brands vie for attention and engagement in a crowded marketplace, websites must be eye-catching, interactive and more pertinently, inclusive. Video content is replacing still images as a way of attracting and connecting with visitors. Layout is also changing. As smartphone traffic surpasses tablet and computer viewing, web design must be compatible with different formats. As a result, to accommodate thumb scrolling, navigation tools are moving south.


The rise of authenticity and storytelling has also had a visual impact as both original and new heritage logos create a sense of history. Styles vary from minimal and negative space, to ornate and detailed. Distortion and playing with perspectives are also some of the ways that brands are bringing life to logos.


From vintage mid-century modern, to 3D design and typography, anything goes as long as its on-brand. With eye-popping colour palettes and compositions in rendering, graphic design has never been so creative or exciting. Retro is a major source of inspiration, from the glamour of Art Deco, to hints of 60s psychedelia in the form of duotones and gradients. Colour, of course, plays a major role, as a theme, accent or even a brand identity.

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