3D printing – the next step of human evolution?

In the past century, humanity saw the industrial evolution, which changed the face of the planet forever. In recent years, we’re seeing another breakthrough that could possibly accelerate human evolution, construction, and creativity.

Yes, welcome to the world of 3D printing. The development of this technology has brought about 3D printed shoes, clothes, food, prosthetic limbs, and even houses. Would this revolutionalise the housing market? Would this finally improve the lives of millions? What’s next? Should we be expecting 3D printed internal organs that will finally beat cancer and viruses? 3D printed food that would eradicate global hunger?

Take a look at these breathtaking examples and let us know what you think.

Glowforge is the crowdfunded 3D printer that lets you print just about anything at home.

Now, anyone can draw castles in the air with 3Doodler 2.0.

Sustainable 3D printed food might already be here.