Adentity’s 10 tips for copywriting

Everyone can write copy. Getting it right though, is kind of like rocket science. But fret not, Adentity’s here with some tips that can help you get better at it.

1. Believe in what you write
If you’re not convinced by the product, you can’t convince anyone else.

2. Never assume readers don’t read
You just need to write something that they will.

3. Talk to your readers, not your clients
Don’t use jargon. Don’t use marketing buzzwords. Write the way you talk.

4. Engage. Not indoctrinate.
Talk with your audience. Not at them.

5. Refrain from utilising superfluous diction

Exclamation marks rarely add excitement! They just make your readers anxious.

7. Talk benefits, not features
“Work faster” is easier to relate to than “More powerful machine”.

8. Don’t use useless trash adjectives
New innovation. Round circle. Completely full. Cold ice cream. No.

9. Never write copy just to fill space
Stop when the message is delivered. Inserting sentences just to fill up that ‘blank space’ makes the message less powerful and you’ll often end up with meaningless information that really doesn’t help the reader. It doesn’t even look pretty.

10. End with a call to action
Let’s start writing better.