Barilla refreshes the blue brand colour and packaging design

Inspired by the Italian sky on a summer’s day

Adentity recently visited Milan and spotted the new, lighter blue Barilla packaging design that is launched in Italy. The new Barilla blue is inspired by the Italian sky on a summer’s day. FutureBrand that is the agency behind the rebranding work explains the new blue like this:

”That special hue of blue of the Italian sky on a summer’s day has been transferred to the Barilla pasta packaging. The packaging says farewell to Barilla’s traditional blue for a lighter shade full of emotion and generosity. Today, that light blue characterises Barilla packaging all over the world, celebrating the Italianness of the most loved pasta brand.” 

Barilla brand colours – red, white, and blue

Barilla’s traditional three brand colours are red, white and dark blue. The red, white and blue colour palette of the Barilla visual identity is a representation of the passion, love, and professionalism of the Italian company and its values of the customers’ happiness and well-being. We think a fresh, new packaging design is a great move for Barilla to make, since it is a refreshment to the brand in line with the heritage, focusing on emotions and highlighting the Barilla story and its love for pasta.

A new fresher pasta packaging range

Apart from the colour being replaced with a lighter shade of blue, there are some other exciting changes to the Barilla packaging. The new pasta box is made of virgin cardboard fiber which is a sustainable and recyclable material, and the plastic window has been removed in some markets like UK, which shows a sustainable mindset at Barilla. Also, the pasta will now be produced with 100% Italian wheat, and a new icon has been introduced to highlight this.

Before the redesign of the Blue packaging colour

You probably recognize the old Barilla packaging, since it is a product and design that lasted virtually 30 years. We look forward to seeing the new packaging in shelves all around the world!


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