Toffifee and Panduro co-op between brands

Crafty teamwork! In collaboration with Storck and Panduro, Adentity developed a Nordic in-store campaign for Toffifee. While it’s certainly possible to run campaigns on your own, don’t be afraid to bring in collaborators every now and then. Doing so enables you to tap into their audience and increase the reach of your brand.

The collaboration resulted in a successful campaign with two different mechanics, one competition and one promotion code, building on the concept of weekend fun with the family – crafting and eating delicious Toffifee.

For the campaign an on-pack promotion was developed which is a great way to stop shoppers in their tracks. The Toffifee packaging got a punchy offer using Panduro’s creative graphics to wow the consumer.

A playful colour palette, a family image and messaging were used for retail elements such as top signs, wobblers and a flyer displaying the competition and its mechanics. The flyer encouraged people to take part in the competition and share their best crafting tips for a chance to win a Panduro craft box.