Going Organic

Fluid forms and organic hues herald a soft creative mood
Spring is here. After the bleakness of winter, the sunlight has returned and colours begin to pop out around us.  Although the cycle of graphic design trends extend beyond the seasons, a softer, more colourful creative direction has caught our eye. Organic shapes, soft pastels and simple fluid forms are bringing a softer edge to logos and graphic identities. From The Branding Collective’s minimal, Japanese inspired business cards for Life Goes On to Everland’s graphical concept for Danone’s new water brand, Blüm.

Colours also manipulate photography in the form of colour filters. They add a fantasy element and offer a striking contrast on a dark background, as seen in our recent Sony campaigns.

These directions lend themselves to the overriding creative trend for Instagram worthy imagery that applies to everything from products and packaging, to interior design and architecture.