Graphic trends – expression, colours and fonts

From dopamine colours to artsy fonts

Let us inspire you with dreamy landscapes, popping colours and unique expressions. We’ve looked into some upcoming and popular graphic trends within colour and typography. Bright and happy colours as well as playful fonts remain popular when it comes to both packaging and web design. We’ve gathered inspiring influences from Art Noveau to graffiti, traditional to modern, softness to boldness. Whether you prefer natural or abstract, classical or innovative – here is something for you to incorporate into your current designs or marketing strategies.

Dreams of colour

Muted colour gradients, grainy textures, and natural light. The concept of Dreamy colours is gaining popularity in both interior design and fashion. This is a trend we see in many aspects of graphic design. With the soft nuances and the midnight feeling, this can be applied to both web and packaging design to create smooth, unique, colour harmony. Consumers are invited to enter into a dreamy and soft universe and step out of their everyday life for a little while. Where imagination, fantasy and aspirations are merged into a dreamy concept.

Credits: Moi inerior, Billie Inc. and Caia cosmetic 

Dopamine colours with simplified graphic design

The opposite of dreamy colours might be the Dopamine trend. Drawing inspiration from both the fifties and seventies, the bright and bold nuances bring joy and liveliness to any category within graphic design. With the popping and fun, contrasting colours we believe this could elevate brands by creating attention within packaging design. Graphic design and illustrations are an important part of the design work, and the magic is to find good colour combinations that are in contrast but look stunning together.

Credits: Poppi and Cocco – The art of chocolate 

Arts & crafts – unique typefaces inspired by Art Noveau

Fonts with a classic feel but with a modern touch. Inspired by Art Nouveau this style is often illustrated and self-designed to create a unique graphical profile. By playing around with fonts in this modern way and connecting them with traditional styles, you can develop new, exciting ways to express your brand.

Credits: Reva skin care and Nicky Laatz

Express yourself with expressive fonts – from Dada to Graffiti

For a powerful statement, try expressive fonts. Combining capital letters with contrasting colours, the text can almost become illegible sometimes- but with the intention to bring attention. Almost an impression of art rather than words, this trend is excessive, but in all the right ways. We can see that this technique has gone from being an expression for graffiti artists – to a modern marketing approach being used in both billboards and packaging design. The fonts are creating movement, contrast and bring youth and innovation to the product and brand.

Credits: Talormade, Brooklyn film festival and Uberdank