Inglorious Fruits – Making the imperfect beautifully delicious


Every time we walk into the fruits and vegetables section of the supermarket, we seem to expect brightly coloured, perfect looking apples, oranges, potatoes and eggplants. It somehow gives us the impression that they are fresher, tastier, and even healthier.

But in reality, most fruits and vegetables don’t look perfect. And most of the time, supermarkets, knowing that these “less perfect” produce can’t be sold, throw them away by the tonnes, even though they are absolutely fit for consumption.

In line with the 2014 European Year Against Food Waste, Intermarché, one of the biggest supermarket chains in France, decided to make a change by putting these inglorious food back on the shelves, at a 30% discount, in an attempt to change our perception of “ugly” fruits and vegetables, thus reducing food waste.

We salute Intermarché’s effort to make our world’s consumption less wasteful, and to shake our inaccurate perception of “Inglorious fruits and vegetables”. Let’s hope the supermarket near you would start making this difference too.