Los Angeles inspiration

Image: Adentity, Venice Beach

Where do you go to get inspired when it comes to movies and creative productions? Yes, you are right. To LA. Adentity went to LA to get inspired in the City of Angels. In this post, we would like to share some of the LA inspiration. From 3D screens and graphic design to how to connect offline with online media through both layout and the love for QR codes.

Full 3D experience – Hollywood film legacy

Forget the 3D glasses. Enjoy the full 3D film experience at Los Angeles International Airport instead. The airport elevator turns into a historic high-rise building with full action and vivid acrobatic. This impressive 3D installation catches the attention of travellers. By taking the old silent movie and turning it into a 3D experience, it captures the soul of LA and Hollywood, connecting the past with the future.

The use of the latest 3D movie screen technology enables new creative opportunities. New kinds of open spaces – from retail to fairs and offices – can now act as attention and branding billboards.
Take a look and get inspired!

LA, LA, LA  –  graphic letter design on repeat

With clean typography and playfulness in the colour palette, these letter graphics catch the eye. The use of different shades creates a dynamic in the graphic layout. In the middle of the layout, you find a QR code to navigate you further in the social media landscape.

Image:  Adentity, Los Angeles

LA in love with QR codes

Everywhere in LA, QR codes are used. They are a natural part of all types of consumer marketing. The QR codes redirect customers to social media pages and are both smart and convenient.

QR-code stands for Quick Response and is a matrix barcode offering a short track for the consumer to more information on a webpage. When QR codes first appeared in marketing and product communication it took a couple of years before consumers started using them in daily life.

The development was boosted by the introduction of Smartphones, although the very first QR codes came already in 1994. The innovation originated from a Japanese automotive company, Denso Wave, to speed up their manufacturing process. It is interesting how technology and marketing go hand in hand, and how deep LA has fallen in love with QR codes.

Share your #LAstory

Time to share your LA story! The offline world gets connected with the online world. This large format poster borrows its inspiration from the Instagram universe, with an aspirational photo that catches the eye and a clear call to action promoting the hashtag. Simple and clean – Share your best LA Story to inspire others. There are almost 600 000 stories on Instagram connected to the hashtag.