Sony Xperia™ XZ and X Compact

Sony shines with gem-like POS display
To promote the worldwide retail launch of the new Sony Xperia XZ and Xperia X Compact, we created an eye-catching new in-store POS display concept for our client, inspired by precious stones.

The innovative new “Uplift” concept enables retailers to effortlessly transform the logistics-efficient transport box into an in-store showcase. Taking its design cue from gems, metallic foil accents reflect the gem-like appearance of the lead models – the Sony Xperia XZ hero model in forest blue and the Xperia X Compact in turquoise, as well as the high quality of Sony’s latest smartphones.

The new concept is streamlined, placing greater emphasis on the product. The slim profile and fold-out platform elevates the phone to meet the shoppers’ sight, while minimal graphics allow the eye to focus on the device. In addition, the left hand positioning of the phone rest offers a clear view of Sony Xperia’s official “X” logo.

Our packaging for Sony Xperia™ XZ and X Compact has been featured on Packaging of the World. Check it out here.

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