Graphic design inspiration 2021

Graphic design is a constant changing field with new ideas and visual styles, always looking for new ways to evolve and advance. That is why every year there are new or altered graphic design trends appearing. In this article, we introduce some of the exciting trends for 2021 that are being used more frequently in the industry.

Graphic design trend – Groovy fonts on display

Typography is an ever-changing field with endless possibilities for experiment and development. Last year, we were making fonts bold and magnetic. In 2021 designers are searching for something new and different. This year will give us more extraordinary display typefaces with geometrical dimensions and 3D fonts in acid colour palettes and gradients. When building a brand, the typography is important. To develop a font uniquely designed for your brand is a great way to create a unique expression and make people recognize you in the crowd.

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Get inspired from A to Z!

We love to explore typography and get inspired by expressive and creative fonts. The project 36 days of type combines passion for graphic design together with the letters and numbers of the Latin alphabet. Designers, illustrators and graphic artists are each year challenged to design a letter or number each day for 36 days. The result? Beautiful, inspiring interpretations of the same symbols from thousands different perspectives.

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Graphic design trend – Go monochrome or duotone?

Duotone design refers to creations that are made up of two contrasting colors, while monochrome design refers to the use of varying tones of a single color. These two ways of expressing colour, we see are getting a push this year. Monochrome and duotone designs are being used in online campaigns and advertisement as well as in packaging and product design.

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Graphic design trend – The dark mode

Dark UI design is a trend that’s growing fast! The use of dark mode in UI design is increasing since more and more users around the world prefer a dark interface before a bright. A dark mode is a useful option for when you want to draw attention to the content, for example reading, music apps and productivity software. Both Apple and Google have incorporated a dark theme in their user interfaces. A muted design helps focus attention and enhance accessibility more than a bright design does.

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What trends will you incorporate in your designs in 2021?

Barilla refreshes the blue brand colour and packaging design

Inspired by the Italian sky on a summer’s day

Adentity recently visited Milan and spotted the new, lighter blue Barilla packaging design that is launched in Italy. The new Barilla blue is inspired by the Italian sky on a summer’s day. FutureBrand that is the agency behind the rebranding work explains the new blue like this:

”That special hue of blue of the Italian sky on a summer’s day has been transferred to the Barilla pasta packaging. The packaging says farewell to Barilla’s traditional blue for a lighter shade full of emotion and generosity. Today, that light blue characterises Barilla packaging all over the world, celebrating the Italianness of the most loved pasta brand.” 

Barilla brand colours – red, white, and blue

Barilla’s traditional three brand colours are red, white and dark blue. The red, white and blue colour palette of the Barilla visual identity is a representation of the passion, love, and professionalism of the Italian company and its values of the customers’ happiness and well-being. We think a fresh, new packaging design is a great move for Barilla to make, since it is a refreshment to the brand in line with the heritage, focusing on emotions and highlighting the Barilla story and its love for pasta.

A new fresher pasta packaging range

Apart from the colour being replaced with a lighter shade of blue, there are some other exciting changes to the Barilla packaging. The new pasta box is made of virgin cardboard fiber which is a sustainable and recyclable material, and the plastic window has been removed in some markets like UK, which shows a sustainable mindset at Barilla. Also, the pasta will now be produced with 100% Italian wheat, and a new icon has been introduced to highlight this.

Before the redesign of the Blue packaging colour

You probably recognize the old Barilla packaging, since it is a product and design that lasted virtually 30 years. We look forward to seeing the new packaging in shelves all around the world!


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