Toffifee – A unique baking and styling challenge

How do we involve and create attention among our customers? By developing a unique activity that encourage engagement, creates incentives for sharing and spreads across different channels, connecting online and offline activity. With uniquely developed recipes, inspiring cookie names, a playful colour palette and beautiful photography we created a sweet campaign for our customer Storck.

For the Toffifee Easter Campaign we set up a strategy combining digital and in-store marketing with a clear concept idea, design, messaging and mechanics, expressed through uniquely made recipes and concept images. The campaign built upon the idea of baking with Toffifee together with the family, playing on a Swedish nursery rhyme. It was taken live simultaneously cross platforms on different channels both digital and instore.

There are several ways to connect online and offline activity, and in the end drive in-store traffic. From tried-and-tested tactics like discounts and sales, to larger initiatives such as in-store events or why not engage your customers digitally to create attention. One thing is sure ­– there no shortage of ideas you can tap into if you want to increase your store visits. But the real key to success lies in your overall strategy. Being clear with your target audience and leveraging the right tools is critical to ensuring that your campaigns not only bring in more people but are driving conversions at the same time. Storcks’ Easter Campaign “#bakamedtoffifee is a telling example of this.

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Time to launch to market with breakthrough innovation!

Our client aXichem is an innovative biotechnology company specialising in the development of natural analogue ingredients. aXichem’s Phenylcapsaicin is a natural analogue substance, which is a synthetically developed and patented chemical compound of the chili pepper extract, capsaicin.

After successful clinical studies, the company is now launching commercially. Adentity is proud to be aXichems’s partner for strategic marketing and sales communication. We support aXichem with both corporate market communication as well as marketing and sales communication for the prioritised market segments aXivite and aXiphen-feed with full-service agency work.

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