Art and design boost in Copenhagen

A day with secret ingredients of culture through time and true Danish Hygge! The Adentity team decided to take the train over to our neighbouring country for an inspiring day with a journey of culture, inspiration and culinary delights. Follow us on our handpicked tour of the gems of the Danish capital! 

A hygge breakfast

Through cobbled streets with its colourful houses, we started our day with breakfast in the spirit of true Danish Hygge. We went to the warm and inviting “Café no 11”, charmingly located at Sankt Annæ Plads in the heart of the city. Served light natural food and artisan coffee in an Instagram friendly surrounding, we enjoyed a delicious breakfast in the sun.


Copenhagen is a great city for art lovers and home to internationally acknowledged art museums, as well as boosting some fantastic themed and historic museums. We went to visit Glypoteket and their newest exhibition Animals and People featuring internationally acclaimed contemporary artist Tal R. Glypoteket was founded by the Carlsberg brewer Carl Jacobsen and contains two main departments of art – the department of antiquities and the modern department. It was a delightful stroll through 35 000 years of art and history in a beautiful architectural surrounding.

Lunch o’clock

A cosy stroll through the best parts of Copenhagen took us to a gastronomic experience at Gasoline Grill in the sunny weather. Gasoline Grill is originally an old gas station that was transformed into a real American burger joint. It is said to have one of the best burgers in the city and it definitely lived up to its reputation. They have mastered a fantastic burger. Grab one for the go or sit down, either way, we promise you won’t regret it.

Inspiring retail concepts

Next on our tour we headed to two interior design shops, HAY House and Beau Marché. HAY’s concept store houses two floors filled with colours, shapes and design at Strøget. They create contemporary furniture and design with an eye for modern living. From danish design to a nugget of nugget of Frenchnes, Beau Marché. In the back yard between Kongens Nytorv, Strøget, and Gothersgade, which is full of old houses, lovely little cafés and restaurants, the hidden gem Beau Marché is located. A combined French café and a stylish interior design shop. Two shops that truly inspire with their different retail approaches.

Kunsthal Charlottenborg

From contemporary design to contemporary art! Next up was Kunsthal Charlottenborg, one of the largest exhibition spaces for contemporary art in Europe located by Nyhavn. Here you’ll experience exhibitions and events with a strong international focus. We went to se Afgang, the annual exhibition for the graduates from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ Schools of Visual Arts.

Afternoon adventures

Our final destination was Apollo bar and the beautiful surroundings of Nyhavn. There we enjoyed the last rays of sun before heading back to Malmö, filled with creativity and feeling truly refreshed.

Conceptual keys to success – the art of concept development


Why is one campaign more successful than another? A challenging part of working with campaign and product launches is landing in a strong concept. Both catching the attention of our target group as well as the point and benefit with the product or solution. A concept with a brand benefit.

Creativity within the brand frames

A successful campaign encompasses consistency with the brand, creativity and product benefits. If the homework is done with the communication platform (read more about that here) you have the groundwork in place. The market strategy and brand position set the foundation of every product campaign. It is the red thread through all marketing activities and will create consistency and future proof your brand.

Go beyond and express a metaphor

When promoting a specific product, a common focus is to highlight a strong benefit with a thought-out key messaging, a focus that can all be well and effective. However, doing a concept out of that key messaging and benefit is to go beyond that and express it as a metaphor that will be etched into people’s minds. For whom is the campaign for, what do we want to achieve, what feeling do we want the target group to have, how do we add value to our customers – all these aspects should be considered.

 The magic team work

In search for a concept, the metaphor, you’ll need to work with many ideas. Make sketches, try out creative universes, and see how it works, try ideas, and abandon them. The idea process goes on night and day, even in your sleep. This process is a team process where everyone in the team has to contribute from creative director, account director, art direction to copy and project management. This is not a one man show, it is the best of team work. Each meeting takes you one step ahead, creative feedback is important also for killing ideas and steering the process forward. To have a strong creative process management towards a goal. What is presented to the client is then just the top of the iceberg.

The importance of the creative feedback loop

We also need to test the concept, internally and externally to see what road to take. We need to listen to this creative feedback and do some value-driven trial and error – what works and what doesn’t?  When these insights are combined with the product specifics, the brand essence and the team work magic is happening and a concept vividly imprinted is formed.

The essence of a concept – a good marketing investment

When you understand the brand essence, you also feel confident in how to create a value-based concept expressing a brand benefit, with a thought-out product specific content and strong key messaging that lasts over time. This is the essence of concept development.  A strong concept is a good tool for success and a brilliant marketing investment.

How could a more conceptual approach strengthen your brand?

Adentity has more than 15 years of experience as a full-service agency that strengthens brands through integrated media communication. We work closely with some of the world’s highest ranked global brands such as Sony Mobile, Alfa Laval, Axis, Brio, Kinder and Tetra Pak.

 Our passion is to strengthen companies by building consistent value-based communication in line with corporate ambitions. Adentity’s mission is to create business impact through attractive and intelligent communication, building strong market positions for our clients.

Bona Deep – With an eye for the extraordinary

The concept “Deep Floor Passion” captures the essence of the product by visualizing intensity and depth through a stunning eye in a dark wooden floor.

Alfa Laval Solar – A cool campaign for reliability

Reliability installed conceptualised the benefits of easy installation, reliability and the robustness of the range of outdoor coolers for Alfa Laval. The concept with a safety hook conveys the message of reliability in a simple and convincing way and captures the essence of the product aiming right at the heart of the target group. Read more

Bona Mega – A hero for everyday challenges

No matter if it’s wine spill or scuff marks from shoes, the floor lacquer Bona Mega from Bona delivers all protection a floor needs against everyday use. Read more

Tetra Pak – Pets go green

Introducing Tetra Recart’s innovative carton package to the pet care industry required an eye-catching concept. With focus on the interaction between pet owners and their pets and with a clear focus on nature and sustainability our furry friends took a great leap into the Tetra Recart business. Read more

Renässans Plus – Däppt i Däsan

Inspired by phonetics, this campaign cleverly expresses the way we all sound with a blocked nose! Positioned as the natural and safe alternative, Renässans Plus is a soothing saline solution for relieving symptoms of nasal congestion. Read more

Bona Oil system – Create your own wood story

Bona oils brings out the uniqueness of a floor so by focusing on inspiration and the Bona features of design, craft, care the Bona Oil System campaign aimed to inspire floor owners and contractors to creating a floor from vision to reality, bringing out the unique character of each wooden floor. Read more

Bona Titan – A strong campaign

With exceptional strength the Bona adhesive Bona Titan is unique with its quadruple cross-linking technology. Conceptualising this by visualising the strength and iconising the technology created a strong campaign! Read more