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What does it take to become “The company of the year” in Malmö? Of course, having a flourishing business, but also perhaps being a client of ours…For the second time in 3 years one of our clients have received the finest business award at Malmö Business Gala.

The award goes to a company in Malmö, who for a couple of years, through their way of running and developing the company, serves as a role model for business in the city. Anyone in Malmö can nominate their favourite company and the winners are selected by a jury of former award winners, representatives from the city and other players in the business community.


The award winners

Two years ago, in 2018, the award went to our client Bona, which we have worked together throughout three brand platforms, an environmental platform and countless of successful campaigns. The win was based on the family-owned company’s focus on innovation, sustainability and the environment, combined with promoting diversity and CSR. A focus that runs through all the branding and marketing material developed during the years.

This year another family-owned business was awarded “The company of the year”. Larsa Foods, whom we developed a brand platform and packaging design concept for, are Sweden’s leading independent food wholesaler with a specialty in importing exotic foods from the Mediterranean and Middle East. In the re-design, the packaging was given a unique, graphical pattern where Scandinavia meets a taste of the orient.


Strong branding

With the launch of a new design, the range gained attention and increased in sales. The motivation for the award was based on Larsa Foods inspiring journey as a local player with a global perspective that has made an impressive growth over the years.

Building strong brands and developing strong concepts is done through a long-term and consistent work. Being true to its brand and heritage is crucial when developing a company and keeping to the brand essence is one key to success. A clear vision of what you want and having all the right tools to achieve it creates a solid base for great marketing communication.

Congratulations to Husam Meizar, the CEO and founder of Larsa Foods and his employees for the award and being a true role model as a company.

Adentity highlights from Packaging of the World:

Rebranding of Larsa Foods product packaging highlighted,

New design of Larsa Food’s “Strawberry Ayran” in focus

Refreshed look of Larsa Food’s “Natural yogurt” presented

Välkommen till seminarie om Brandfullness
– En strategisk roadmap för ditt varumärke


Starka varumärken byggs och starka koncept skapas, genom ett långsiktigt och pågående arbete, där kvalitet är viktigare än kvantitet. Att investera tid i att tänka och arbeta igenom ditt varumärke, låter dig möta konkurrensen långt innan den möter dig.

I varje liten social media post trattas dagligen ditt varumärke ner – i budskapet, filmen, hashtaggen, konceptet. Att vara taktisk och fånga möjligheterna i dagen kan du bara göra om du vet vart ditt varumärke vill och har en solid bas för din marknadskommunikation. Vi vill ta dig på en varumärkesresa med tips för att skapa en starkare varumärkeskommunikation.

Att kunna se den röda tråden rakt igenom marknadskommunikationen – det är mindfulness för kommunikatörer och marknadsförare eller vad vi kallar Brandfullness.

Vi delar med oss av tips, modeller, case exempel och insikter från arbetet med att skapa kommunikationsplattformar och integrerade kampanjer för internationella kunder och varumärken.

Kom och låt dig inspireras och börja dagen med Brandfullness. Välkommen.

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