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Art and design boost in Copenhagen

A day with secret ingredients of culture through time and true Danish Hygge! The Adentity team decided to take the train over to our neighbouring country for an inspiring day with a journey of culture, inspiration and culinary delights. Follow us on our handpicked tour of the gems of the Danish capital! 

A hygge breakfast

Through cobbled streets with its colourful houses, we started our day with breakfast in the spirit of true Danish Hygge. We went to the warm and inviting “Café no 11”, charmingly located at Sankt Annæ Plads in the heart of the city. Served light natural food and artisan coffee in an Instagram friendly surrounding, we enjoyed a delicious breakfast in the sun.


Copenhagen is a great city for art lovers and home to internationally acknowledged art museums, as well as boosting some fantastic themed and historic museums. We went to visit Glypoteket and their newest exhibition Animals and People featuring internationally acclaimed contemporary artist Tal R. Glypoteket was founded by the Carlsberg brewer Carl Jacobsen and contains two main departments of art – the department of antiquities and the modern department. It was a delightful stroll through 35 000 years of art and history in a beautiful architectural surrounding.

Lunch o’clock

A cosy stroll through the best parts of Copenhagen took us to a gastronomic experience at Gasoline Grill in the sunny weather. Gasoline Grill is originally an old gas station that was transformed into a real American burger joint. It is said to have one of the best burgers in the city and it definitely lived up to its reputation. They have mastered a fantastic burger. Grab one for the go or sit down, either way, we promise you won’t regret it.

Inspiring retail concepts

Next on our tour we headed to two interior design shops, HAY House and Beau Marché. HAY’s concept store houses two floors filled with colours, shapes and design at Strøget. They create contemporary furniture and design with an eye for modern living. From danish design to a nugget of nugget of Frenchnes, Beau Marché. In the back yard between Kongens Nytorv, Strøget, and Gothersgade, which is full of old houses, lovely little cafés and restaurants, the hidden gem Beau Marché is located. A combined French café and a stylish interior design shop. Two shops that truly inspire with their different retail approaches.

Kunsthal Charlottenborg

From contemporary design to contemporary art! Next up was Kunsthal Charlottenborg, one of the largest exhibition spaces for contemporary art in Europe located by Nyhavn. Here you’ll experience exhibitions and events with a strong international focus. We went to se Afgang, the annual exhibition for the graduates from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ Schools of Visual Arts.

Afternoon adventures

Our final destination was Apollo bar and the beautiful surroundings of Nyhavn. There we enjoyed the last rays of sun before heading back to Malmö, filled with creativity and feeling truly refreshed.

Conceptual keys to success – the art of concept development


Why is one campaign more successful than another? A challenging part of working with campaign and product launches is landing in a strong concept. Both catching the attention of our target group as well as the point and benefit with the product or solution. A concept with a brand benefit.

Creativity within the brand frames

A successful campaign encompasses consistency with the brand, creativity and product benefits. If the homework is done with the communication platform (read more about that here) you have the groundwork in place. The market strategy and brand position set the foundation of every product campaign. It is the red thread through all marketing activities and will create consistency and future proof your brand.

Go beyond and express a metaphor

When promoting a specific product, a common focus is to highlight a strong benefit with a thought-out key messaging, a focus that can all be well and effective. However, doing a concept out of that key messaging and benefit is to go beyond that and express it as a metaphor that will be etched into people’s minds. For whom is the campaign for, what do we want to achieve, what feeling do we want the target group to have, how do we add value to our customers – all these aspects should be considered.

 The magic team work

In search for a concept, the metaphor, you’ll need to work with many ideas. Make sketches, try out creative universes, and see how it works, try ideas, and abandon them. The idea process goes on night and day, even in your sleep. This process is a team process where everyone in the team has to contribute from creative director, account director, art direction to copy and project management. This is not a one man show, it is the best of team work. Each meeting takes you one step ahead, creative feedback is important also for killing ideas and steering the process forward. To have a strong creative process management towards a goal. What is presented to the client is then just the top of the iceberg.

The importance of the creative feedback loop

We also need to test the concept, internally and externally to see what road to take. We need to listen to this creative feedback and do some value-driven trial and error – what works and what doesn’t?  When these insights are combined with the product specifics, the brand essence and the team work magic is happening and a concept vividly imprinted is formed.

The essence of a concept – a good marketing investment

When you understand the brand essence, you also feel confident in how to create a value-based concept expressing a brand benefit, with a thought-out product specific content and strong key messaging that lasts over time. This is the essence of concept development.  A strong concept is a good tool for success and a brilliant marketing investment.

How could a more conceptual approach strengthen your brand?

Adentity has more than 15 years of experience as a full-service agency that strengthens brands through integrated media communication. We work closely with some of the world’s highest ranked global brands such as Sony Mobile, Alfa Laval, Axis, Brio, Kinder and Tetra Pak.

 Our passion is to strengthen companies by building consistent value-based communication in line with corporate ambitions. Adentity’s mission is to create business impact through attractive and intelligent communication, building strong market positions for our clients.

Bona Deep – With an eye for the extraordinary

The concept “Deep Floor Passion” captures the essence of the product by visualizing intensity and depth through a stunning eye in a dark wooden floor.

Alfa Laval Solar – A cool campaign for reliability

Reliability installed conceptualised the benefits of easy installation, reliability and the robustness of the range of outdoor coolers for Alfa Laval. The concept with a safety hook conveys the message of reliability in a simple and convincing way and captures the essence of the product aiming right at the heart of the target group. Read more

Bona Mega – A hero for everyday challenges

No matter if it’s wine spill or scuff marks from shoes, the floor lacquer Bona Mega from Bona delivers all protection a floor needs against everyday use. Read more

Tetra Pak – Pets go green

Introducing Tetra Recart’s innovative carton package to the pet care industry required an eye-catching concept. With focus on the interaction between pet owners and their pets and with a clear focus on nature and sustainability our furry friends took a great leap into the Tetra Recart business. Read more

Renässans Plus – Däppt i Däsan

Inspired by phonetics, this campaign cleverly expresses the way we all sound with a blocked nose! Positioned as the natural and safe alternative, Renässans Plus is a soothing saline solution for relieving symptoms of nasal congestion. Read more

Bona Oil system – Create your own wood story

Bona oils brings out the uniqueness of a floor so by focusing on inspiration and the Bona features of design, craft, care the Bona Oil System campaign aimed to inspire floor owners and contractors to creating a floor from vision to reality, bringing out the unique character of each wooden floor. Read more

Bona Titan – A strong campaign

With exceptional strength the Bona adhesive Bona Titan is unique with its quadruple cross-linking technology. Conceptualising this by visualising the strength and iconising the technology created a strong campaign! Read more

Adentity supports Majblomman

This spring Majblomman took the stand to sell digital Majblommor. Beautifully executed through key visuals that encourage interaction and engagement in social media. Every single krona contributes to Majblomman’s work for children.

Go in and support the cause at:  🌸

True craftsmanship behind branding


How to develop a brand & communication platform and make your brand future proof? In this article, we share some insights where to start, how to build a strong market position and how to keep all important marketing tools in place.  Let your brand journey begin!

Why a brand platform?

The brand and communication platform is about making the brand clear, relevant and attractive by finding the brand essence and defining your strategic value position. A successful communication platform lets you rest in your brand position and enables you to be agile yet keeping focus on doing the right thing. It lets you unleash creativity within the frames and helps you keep order in your marketing toolbox concerning the visual and key messaging of the brand. It is about creating clarity rather than haze – launch quality rather than quantity.

It’s not about the money, it’s about the process

The ambition steers the budget, but a good outcome is always the result of the process. How is this done then? It all starts with understanding your brand’s primary battlefield, consumer segments or simply the reason to exist. We need to answer the questions “What’s our point?” and “Why should anyone care?” as well as understand future trends and drivers influencing our industry. After that is in place, you can formulate a positioning statement that will be the key for the brand story.

Involving is the key

Our mantra is that implementation of a new brand platform starts at day one by involving key stakeholders in the process. To be successful in the brand building you need to have the organization behind you, or else the risk is obvious that you will have some know-it-all patronizing the whole idea and the implementation will be a much longer path to walk. We need to connect the internal values with the external and the key here is to involve stakeholders like market companies as well as sales, product managers and central management in the process through interviews and workshops.

Brand benefit conceptualized

When the brand position is in place and the organization is behind it, the conceptual outlines needs to be developed, tested and evaluated. You need to develop a concept that strikes the nerve with a unique essence of the identity of the organization that inspire to interact with your brand. Before launching it also has to be tested, with the stakeholders’ creative feedback taken into account, to create a concept that your company can feel passionate about and feel proud to drive for a long time. Good concepts last over time! This means being creative, but consistent. Customers tend to value relevance and consistency over originality.

Involve, interact and connect!

Last but not least, to communicate the new platform and concept we need a relevant campaign planning with a number of appealing integrated concept-guided campaigns and of course tracking the results. Find the most relevant window of opportunity based on the media consumption of the target group. To be successful, focus on a limited number of windows and dominate them, be it social media, fairs or outdoor campaigns, there are different windows to meet up with your target groups. Be clever and creative, create loops and partner up with related brands, influencers and target groups: Involve, interact and connect!

A strong branding and communication platform creates clarity to where you are heading. Its tools promote agility and saves cost when the key messages, key visuals and templates are all in place. In the end, it helps you keep the toolbox in order for you to create great marketing deeds.

Bona Brand Book – Taking a brand one step further

To take the Bona Brand one step further Adentity did a full analysis of the brand together with the Bona teams in Sweden and US. Target groups, conceptual expressions, colour analysis, and visual language discussions, were all thoroughly researched through interviews, workshops and material to find the optimal conceptual route which the new Brand Book was based upon. Read more


Brio Communication platform – Connecting generations

What is at the heart of the Brio Brand? To find that out we did in-depth interviews with consumers and trade partners across three continents landing in the insight that Brio connects generations. Read more


Tetra Recart – Open up to the 21st century alternative to canned food

When Tetra Pak introduced Tetra Recart it was a complete new, innovative packaging and processing system for food. Analysing parameters of the core positioning for the company, customers and competition the value position was established which marked the basis for the brand and communication platform for Tetra Recart. Read more


Alfa Laval – Extending the Alfa Laval experience

To show the unique value and commitment of Alfa Laval’s aftersales support and service department, we connected the brand reason with the product benefit and created an umbrella strategy. Identifying customer profiles across different markets, together with identifying core characteristics that Alfa Laval value, a platform was developed. With a target group focus, a clear concept with reason why, a balance between brand and product and securing communication loops with theme campaigns on regular basis we brought the conceptual statement of Extending Performance alive. Read more

Adentity has more than 15 years of experience as a full-service agency that strengthens brands through integrated media communication. We work closely with some of the world’s highest ranked global brands such as Sony Mobile, Alfa Laval, Axis, Brio, Kinder and Tetra Pak.

Our passion is to strengthen companies by building consistent value-based communication in line with corporate ambitions. Adentity’s mission is to create business impact through attractive and intelligent communication, building strong market positions for our clients.

Award winning clients

The company of the year

What does it take to become “The company of the year” in Malmö? Of course, having a flourishing business, but also perhaps being a client of ours…For the second time in 3 years one of our clients have received the finest business award at Malmö Business Gala.

The award goes to a company in Malmö, who for a couple of years, through their way of running and developing the company, serves as a role model for business in the city. Anyone in Malmö can nominate their favourite company and the winners are selected by a jury of former award winners, representatives from the city and other players in the business community.


The award winners

Two years ago, in 2018, the award went to our client Bona, which we have worked together throughout three brand platforms, an environmental platform and countless of successful campaigns. The win was based on the family-owned company’s focus on innovation, sustainability and the environment, combined with promoting diversity and CSR. A focus that runs through all the branding and marketing material developed during the years.

This year another family-owned business was awarded “The company of the year”. Larsa Foods, whom we developed a brand platform and packaging design concept for, are Sweden’s leading independent food wholesaler with a specialty in importing exotic foods from the Mediterranean and Middle East. In the re-design, the packaging was given a unique, graphical pattern where Scandinavia meets a taste of the orient.


Strong branding

With the launch of a new design, the range gained attention and increased in sales. The motivation for the award was based on Larsa Foods inspiring journey as a local player with a global perspective that has made an impressive growth over the years.

Building strong brands and developing strong concepts is done through a long-term and consistent work. Being true to its brand and heritage is crucial when developing a company and keeping to the brand essence is one key to success. A clear vision of what you want and having all the right tools to achieve it creates a solid base for great marketing communication.

Congratulations to Husam Meizar, the CEO and founder of Larsa Foods and his employees for the award and being a true role model as a company.

Adentity highlights from Packaging of the World:

Rebranding of Larsa Foods product packaging highlighted,

New design of Larsa Food’s “Strawberry Ayran” in focus

Refreshed look of Larsa Food’s “Natural yogurt” presented

Välkommen till seminarie om Brandfullness
– En strategisk roadmap för ditt varumärke


Starka varumärken byggs och starka koncept skapas, genom ett långsiktigt och pågående arbete, där kvalitet är viktigare än kvantitet. Att investera tid i att tänka och arbeta igenom ditt varumärke, låter dig möta konkurrensen långt innan den möter dig.

I varje liten social media post trattas dagligen ditt varumärke ner – i budskapet, filmen, hashtaggen, konceptet. Att vara taktisk och fånga möjligheterna i dagen kan du bara göra om du vet vart ditt varumärke vill och har en solid bas för din marknadskommunikation. Vi vill ta dig på en varumärkesresa med tips för att skapa en starkare varumärkeskommunikation.

Att kunna se den röda tråden rakt igenom marknadskommunikationen – det är mindfulness för kommunikatörer och marknadsförare eller vad vi kallar Brandfullness.

Vi delar med oss av tips, modeller, case exempel och insikter från arbetet med att skapa kommunikationsplattformar och integrerade kampanjer för internationella kunder och varumärken.

Kom och låt dig inspireras och börja dagen med Brandfullness. Välkommen.

Var: Quality Hotel The Mill, Amiralsgatan 19, 21155 Malmö
När: kl 07:00 – 08:30, 7 februari

Anmäl dig här!

Celebrating 10 years of supporting the Children’s Home in Kenya

Now the annual calendar for Phyllis Memorial Children’s Home and Academy is finished and shipped off to their Swedish support organisation Kampi Ya Motos Barn, hopefully creating a rush to the store. The calendar is sold for the benefit of raising money for the Children’s Home in Kenya.

This year we are celebrating our 10th year of supporting the Children’s Home in Kenya. The work with the calendar is part of our CSR work where we design and print the annual calendar as well as all Kampi Ya Moto’s marketing material pro bono. All the revenue from the calendrers goes directly to the children’s home. Read more about our work here

The Phyllis Memorial Children’s home is based in Kenya, in the village of Kampi Ya Moto, which is Swahili for “The village in the Sun”. They care for 59 orphan children, in ages ranging from pre-school up to high school, with different backgrounds. Some have been living on the streets, others with relatives, but all of them have had a very tough start in life. As well as providing a loving home, Phyllis Memorial also provides education for both its own pupils and children from the local villages.

When Ruth, the manager of the Children’s home aka the children’s “aunt”, visited Sweden, and Malmö, for the first time, she and her colleagues from Kampi Ya Motos Barn stopped by our office to give us an insight into the daily life of the children and how the home has developed over the years which we are truly grateful of the opportunity to contribute to contribute to this.

For more information about Kampi ya Motos Barn and how you can support Phyllis Memorial Children’s Home and Academy, visit

We are happy to make a difference – From Malmö to Kenya!

Copenhagen inspires with colours

A visit to Copenhagen, Denmark can surely be an inspiring and eye-opening experience. The city is filled with colourful buildings, a fabulous food scene, culture and laid-back atmosphere. The Adentity team decided to take the 30 min train over to the neighbouring country for an inspiring day to kick-off work after the summer holidays. Ready for a whistle-stop tour of the city’s best bits handpicked by Adentity? Let’s go!

A good start of the day

Our first tip is for the early birds. About 10 min stroll from Copenhagen H, through the heart of the city, you find the coffee bar Kompa’ 9, located on Strædet. There we started off with some of their organic coffee and a proper Danish breakfast in a cosy surrounding.


A colourful museum visit

With filled stomachs and energy, we continued to Copenhagen’s waterfront to the Danish Architecture Center (DAC). The exhibitions at DAC showcase architectural wonders, international trends and design history. We went to see the exhibition of the world-renowned Danish architects BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group on an architectural journey across time from Big Bang to Singularity. A truly inspiring and colourful exhibition showingBIG’s borderless creativity and how they give form to our future.

Don’t forget to visit the DAC Café, where you are able to experience Copenhagen’s vibrant city life from high above at the large rooftop terraces. To one side, you have spectacular views of the vibrant waterfront, and to the other, the Copenhagen Cultural District. We decided for a cold beverage on their comfortable sunbeds before we continued our day.


Doing lunch

After a walk from DAC we arrived for some lunch at the meat packing district Kødbyen, a creative cluster with a broad range of high-quality restaurants. We decided to try out the hip brewpub WarPigs – an experience out of the ordinary. Besides from offering freshly made American-Danish style craft beer, WarPigs also serves authentic Texas barbecue.


Street art tour

Next up on the agenda was a street art tour in the districts of Vesterbro. Although graffiti is omnipresent in Copenhagen, street art is something entirely different. The street art in Copenhagen usually covers an entire side of a building in an artistic manner and adds significant value to the neighbourhood. We went to see some iconic pieces, one just by our lunch place, then we continued to one at Oehlenschlægersgade, Sankelmarksgade and lastly Saxogade.


Afternoon adventures

A bus ride later we arrived at our final destination, Reffen. An urban playground for co-creation, innovation, food and creativity – and last but not least – the largest street food market in the Nordics. The Adentity team tried some interesting food and enjoyed the beautiful surrounding before heading back to Malmö, filled with inspiration, feeling refreshed and ready to start off new exciting projects.


On a tandem to Kiruna

Two young guys from Malmö will opt out of sitting at home this summer. Instead they will take to their tandem and go on a cycling adventure to show how beautiful Sweden is and to inspire others to skip the car and take the bike instead. The2roadtrippers will embark on a challenge to cycle 1800 km in 3 weeks to show that a sustainable way of experiencing our planet is possible.

Adentity supported The2roadtrippers with a newly designed logo and we wish them the best of luck on their adventure!

A natural atmosphere

As part of a creative concept we created for the latest product launch of one of our clients, we organised a photoshoot. The aim was to create a natural atmosphere that would highlight the natural beauty of wood floors. Although we came prepared with plenty of lighting equipment, mother nature provided the ideal light source as the spring daylight flooded in through the windows of our location. We couldn’t have asked for a better result. Many thanks to our fantastic team for a great shoot!

Photoshoots for a new brand platform

Let’s go behind the scene to see the action at one of our photoshoots for a new brand platform. As part of the new platform, we organised a series of photoshoots based on our concept, to communicate the brand essence visually. Many thanks to the team for their fantastic creative work!

Make a difference – From Malmö to Kenya

We finally had the chance to meet some of the wonderful people behind the Phyllis Memorial Children’s Home and Academy and their Swedish support organisation Kampi Ya Motos Barn. Phyllis Memorial Children’s home is based in Kenya, in the village of Kampi Ya Moto, which is Swahili for “The village in the Sun”. When Ruth, the manager of the Children’s home, visited Sweden, and Malmö, for the first time, she and her colleagues from Kampi Ya Motos Barn stopped by our office.

Phyllis Memorial cares for 60 orphan children, in ages ranging from pre-school up to high school, with different backgrounds. Some have been living on the streets, others with relatives, but all of them have had a very tough start in life. As well as providing a loving home, Phyllis Memorial also provides education for both its own pupils and children from the local villages.

Over the past 9 years, Adentity has supported Kampi Ya Motos Barn with the design and print of their annual calendar, which is then sold. All the revenue from calendar sales goes directly to the Phyllis Memorial Children’s Home and Academy in Kenya. Our pro- bono work also covers marketing elements, as well as communication material. Read more about our work here.

We were really glad to have the opportunity to meet some of the wonderful people behind the home and the home’s manager, aka the children’s “aunt”, Ruth. The visit gave us insight into the daily life of the children and how the home has grown from a simple shed made of sticks, stones and cow dung to a home that provides clean water from a 250 m deep well and has a self-sufficient farm that produces supplies for both the home and the local community. They have also installed biogas which has improved the kitchen facilities tremendously. By producing and selling surplus commodities, the children learn valuable skills that they will need when it is time to leave the home.

We are grateful to our guests for taking the time to visit us and for all their wonderful work. For more information about Kampi ya Motos Barn and how you can support Phyllis Memorial Children’s Home and Academy, visit

Sony Xperia på Mobile World Congress 2018

Ett stort grattis till vår kund Sony Mobile som fick en fantastisk respons på lanseringen av Sony Xperia XZ2 och Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact vid årets Mobile World Congress i Barcelona.

På världens ledande evenemang för mobiltillverkare pratades det mycket om designspråket, från utsidornas blandade material och rundade glasbaksidor till insidan med 4K HDR filminspelning, 3D scanning, Snapdragon 845 och förbättrat ljud och batteri.

Bra jobbat, Sony!


Bona – Årets Malmöföretag

Nyligen tilldelades vår kund, Bona, utmärkelsen ”Årets Malmöföretag” på Malmö Näringslivsgala. Den årliga prisutdelningen hyllar stadens bästa företag och kreativa talanger. Bona nominerades till priset med följande motivering; Med Malmö som bas i snart 100 år har detta familjeägda företag tagit sig från att bedriva verksamhet i en liten butik till att idag ha verksamheter i nästan 100 länder. Genom att fokusera ledarskapet på innovation, miljö och hållbarhet i kombination med att verka för mångfald, lokalt engagemang och nätverkande, kan man idag visa upp imponerande resultat i alla kategorier. Grattis till VD Kerstin Lindell och hennes fantastiska anställda för att vara ett verkligt superföretag!

Adentity till Berlin med ny kreativ hubb

Adentity tar ett nytt spännande steg när vi nu firar 15 år. Vår nya kreativa hubb i Berlins Hansaviertel distrikt placerar oss rakt i hjärtat på en av Europas mest spännande städer.

Vi har haft vår bas i Malmö och under de senaste 15 åren och hjälpt internationella företag från en rad olika industrier att stärka sina varumärken. Som en del av vår strategi att driva Adentity konceptet vidare, har vi därför nyligen etablerat en kreativ hubb i Berlin.

Från stadens Hansaviertel distrikt, ett område med en rik arkitektonisk historia, tar vi nu vår beprövade 3 stegsmodell för en långsiktig varumärkessuccé – Adentity Communication PlatformTM  – till den tyska marknaden.

Vår expansion erbjuder ett antal fördelar både för oss och för våra kunder. Genom sitt läge i Europas mitt, erbjuder den här kulturella metropolen en blomstrande bas för innovativa uppstartsföretag och kreativa studios. Så nu kan Adentity erbjuda integrerade kampanjer, strategier och koncept åt internationella företag i Berlin.