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Castellum wins Glaspriset 2024 for Sjustjärnan

Congratulation to Castellum for winning Glaspriset for the project Sjustjärnan in Malmö. ⭐️

Glaspriset and Glaspärlan are instituted to recognise projects where the use of glass has contributed to the fulfilment of architectural, functional, innovative, and sustainable qualities. It can be anything from an entire office building in glass to a technically advanced glass detail using the criteria of architecture, function, innovation, and sustainability.

Architecture with an impressive ambition

Castellum’s vision was clear from the beginning: to create a sustainable and energy-efficient project that inspires sustainable solutions. E.ON has gathered all employees in Sjustjärnan which is one of Castellum’s biggest projects ever and a starting point for a completely new district, Nyhamnen in Malmö. The overall ambition has been to promote team spirit, cooperation, and health for the staff by offering daylight-lit, airy, and beautiful office premises. A significant and early choice was the double-shell facade with visible wood. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it also keeps the temperature comfortable indoors, especially when the sun is shining brightly. This means less need for heating on cold days and creates bright, pleasant indoor environments. E.ON’s new head office is characterised by both social sustainability and architectural qualities, as well as comfort.

Marketing & communication package for Sjustjärnan

Adentity had the opportunity to work with Castellum’s project team on the development of a marketing and communication package for Sjustjärnan, including a 7stjärnan logotype, drone film, posters, and branded kick-off material that created engagement for the building teams.


In line with Castellum’s vision, the logo was a sculptural-style outline of the building, embracing modern architecture while keeping people and sustainability at the centre. Through a bird’s-eye view from a drone, we successfully visualised not only Castellum’s building projects but also how Nyhamnen is developing and how Malmö will look in the future. And through the “Coffee Break” concept, we created mini-expos that created attention and informed about the exciting projects that set a new benchmark for developing urban environments.

The logotype, taglines, giveaways, and events all aided in building excitement, engagement, and commitment from all participants collaborating on the project. It added to creating team spirit through branded communication.

Read more about the Social event, Logotype and Drone film

A new packaging concept for playful WelliChews™

We are happy that Adentity’s new packaging design work for WelliChews, the new playful “little brother” in the animal supplement range NutriScience for Swedencare, is featured at Packaging of the World – one of the most prominent packaging design websites showcasing the most interesting and creative packaging work worldwide.

WelliChews™ is a functional soft chew targeting different health benefits. It is a smart and easy way to give something tasty that also supports our furry friends´ well-being. The packaging concept was created to appeal to the younger pet parents based on the feelings of do good, taste good, and motion. It features cute, popular pets as well as attractive colours for easy recognition and to stand out on the shelf. The main ingredients and the target areas are highlighted on the front for quick identification of health benefits.

For happy and healthy wagging tails, look out for the new WelliChews™ packaging design.
View more about the design work at Packaging of the World. Read more about the WelliChews packaging story

Captivating stories for great impact

Share customer success! Captivating B2B case studies are powerful marketing tools. Together with Alfa Laval we created several compelling case studies highlighting different products, services, industries, and applications. With a focus on sustainability and cleantech we use different approaches to feature specific aspects of the story. Based on research, interviews, and technical information, we create interesting key messaging, copy, layout, visuals, and infographics. The results are captivating case stories highlighting Alfa Laval’s capabilities, building credibility and trust. Most importantly, they act as an inspiration for innovative investments for a more efficient and sustainable future.

As it turns out, not only innovative companies are interested in Alfa Laval’s sustainable work. French President Emmanuel Macron and His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf are visiting the site in Lund today with a focus on the transition to more sustainable energy.

Read more here

Hello, 2024!

In a changing world, branding is critical! Focus on the brand essence, strong and vital concepts, and 360-degree energetic campaigns.
Get in a good mood for marketing!

The essence of building a brand

As a full-service agency, we take a holistic approach to marketing – from strategy, concept and communication throughout the value chain. We adapt to your needs so that you can continue to do what you do best.
Adentity Communication Platform™ is a proven 3 step roadmap to secure long-term branding success.

Adentity identifies your key market segments, defines a brand strategy and builds a strong position based on your mission,
core values and offer.

Adentity develops creative concepts that follow a defined strategy to create consistent value-based communication.

We implement concept-guided campaigns through the most effective channels to connect with your target groups.

Welcome to Adentity! Want to share thoughts?  Contact us here

A trend report in troubled times

A global virus, war, natural disasters, economic uncertainty; the world has been shaking for a while. As we’re about to enter 2024, the “happy 20s” we were all hoping to relive couldn’t feel more distant. How does today’s design mirror a society facing such turbulence? With warmth, it seems. Read to find out more!

Credits: Barbie, McDonald’s and Folksam via Resumé. Girl Scouts of the USA via Creative Review.

Modern nostalgia 

The use of nostalgia in design and marketing (as well as in movies, music etc.) has become a powerful tool to adjust old truths and look at things through modern glasses. Building on the foundation of something already familiar and combining it with contemporary knowledge, the result is a vibrant dialogue between what has been and what is yet to come. Modern nostalgia therefore challenges us, and at the same time provides us with a sense of comfort we’re all longing for. 

Credits: Anna Chandler via It’s Nice That, Dribbble, BBC Cricket via Design Week, Nike via Medium and Blumarine via NYLON.

Y2K – The urge for playfulness and fun 

Welcome back to the year 2000! Popping color schemes, early internet, MTV and low-cut jeans. Looking back, this particular era was the perfect picture of the easy life – literally sprinkled in bling-bling, lip gloss and FUN. A period drenched in the feeling that there were no problems in the world. Trends reappearing every now and then are totally natural and are often an answer to what’s going on in society in general. So even in this case. In these uncertain times we (and especially young adults today) are in desperate need of surrounding ourselves with everything cheerful, enjoyable and secure. As stated above, nostalgia has a calming impact on us. 

Credits: Formex 2023 via Hus & Hem, Odd Design Studio and Salt and Sugar via Looka, Courvoisier Bar at Selfridges via Dezeen,

More, more and more – The return of maximalism

Perhaps it was the pandemic or perhaps it was the change of mood in society overall that made the long-lived minimalism trend feel too … harsh? Whatever the cause, maximalism design has marched in at full speed. You will recognize it in everything from interior to graphic and packaging design. We’re talking loud colour combinations, bold typography, daring patterns and playful photography – preferably all at once. The outcome is eye-catching, lighthearted and full of endorphins! Naturally, minimalistic design is still a thing – but has interestingly enough evolved into a more vivid form of minimalism. No more unforgivable black on white but instead muted colours, simple illustrations and a slightly more playful lettering positioned in a classic grid like structure. 

Credits: Yuna Kim, Eun Jeong Yoo and Studio Marcus Hansen via It’s Nice That, Wang & Söderström, Skansen via Resumé, LG rebrand via Creative Review and Husqvarna.

Man vs Machine? More likely human <3 machine! 

Incredible technical and digital advancements are happening every single day. But even in the machine-driven world of tech and innovation, the focus has begun to shift towards reflecting more human qualities and soft values. We crave the ability to feel, touch and experience; whether it comes to super tactile 3D-renderings or typography inspired by classic crafts like cross stitching, it creates an exciting connection to the real world. In summary, the trend is not to be seen as a counter-reaction to technical progress – but a wish for the human and the digital to exist in symbiosis. And by doing so, tie together the future with tradition.


A day of Danish delights and artistic discoveries

En dejlig dag for the Adentity team kick-off

The Adentity team embarked on a kick-off journey to Copenhagen, and we knew we were in for a treat when the beaming sun rose for a late summer visit. The day was filled with culinary delights, artistic inspiration, and the pulse of a vibrant city. Our agenda was simple yet indulgent: savouring the finest Danish cuisine, exploring the captivating world of art at a renowned museum, and keeping a watchful eye on the latest trends that Copenhagen had to offer.

A good Danish pastry for breakfast at Torvehallerne in the heart of Copenhagen set the right tone for the rest of our day. On our way to the museum, we walked through the beautiful Botanical Garden. There is a large lake in the middle of the garden, where we stopped and took some photos of the magnificent palm house, which reflected beautifully on the lake.

Baroque – Out of Darkness

For the first time in over 100 years, the National Gallery of Denmark has retrieved and restored some of the Baroque’s most distinguished art pieces. In the art world, the term ¨Baroque¨ has sometimes been used disrespectfully, but our visit to the SMK to experience the Baroque – “Out of Darkness” exhibition completely shattered any misconceptions. The collection was a masterpiece, finely orchestrated with accompanying music that heightened the overall sensory experience. The museum displayed an impressive selection level and featured various outstanding Baroque artists.

Craftmanship and hidden gems

While wandering the streets of Copenhagen, we stumbled upon a beautiful store where they hand-crafted their own glass sculptures and other items. To see more of their beautiful pieces, you can visit their website here.

Rundetårn – great views over the city

The last stop of this memorable trip to Copenhagen was completed at the top of Rundetårn, offering a panoramic view of the vibrant city. From this point, we reflected on the day´s experiences, looking forward to upcoming projects and the comforting arrival of autumn.

Thank you for this time, Copenhagen, vi ses!

Future digital trends – Metaverse, VR, AI & 3D elements

Get your head in the game – literally! Digital techniques are continuously evolving and in the near future, you should keep an extra eye on these 4 trends that we believe will be used more in everyday use. Metaverse, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and 3D are terms we get more familiar with as the digital universe evolves. The next step seems to be the buzzing Metaverse, where you might be able to explore a whole new virtual reality – in the comfort of your own home.

What do you think of the idea of a Metaverse? Adentity is in for the journey and although we are unsure if it will become a reality in the near future, we are excited to follow the updates.

Metaverse – A new internet universe

Imagine having a whole new platform and meeting place where the possibilities to market brands are enormous. Imagine moving in-person meetings and zoom meetings to a 3D virtual reality space with personalized avatars – a digital version of yourself! This is what world-leading companies such as Google and Microsoft keep investing in, a new internet universe – Metaverse.

Credits: Yukun Zhou – Metaverse shopping center

In 2023, VR will advance to a new level. With the launching of VR headsets, the accessibility to the Metaverse will increase. VR headsets will open a new door to Metaverse where marketing will have a new impact on brand and customer experience. To mention a few, UX design, brand experience and the way people experience information will adapt to this virtual universe.

AI – a threat to designers or a useful tool for creation?

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere now, in all kinds of markets. We see it being used in the form of chatbots, copy development and even within blood analyzing purposes. With this fast-growing use of AI, we are starting to see it within graphic design as well. AI can create interpretations of whatever you like using keywords and algorithms and analyze thousands of images to create new ones. Some creators may fear that AI will take over their profession and make designers obsolete in the future. However, we predict that designers never will go out of style and that soul and heart are necessary for the creation process. Instead, look at AI as a tool for concept creation, brainstorming and idea generation.

Credits: Jeff Han – Mid journey Ai collection

The possibilities of what AI can create within image sketches are endless, the only thing standing in the way is your own imagination. Brand collaboration is another example of how AI can be used. In this case, a creator took this tool to the next level, developing sketches for a fictional collaboration between IKEA and Patagonia only by using keywords in an AI image program. By analyzing the keywords in the AI program and adjusting them the result is both realistic and unique. Another creative use of AI is this interpretation of the population density in different countries.

Credits: Eric Groza – Patagonia+IKEATerence Fosstodon – Population Density Maps

3D elements

It goes without saying that the Metaverse and Virtual Reality have a significant impact on 3D design, both when it comes to moving 360° objects like logotypes as well as static elements with complex shading and detail. With its flexibility, 3D helps us create other realities and perspectives and we predict we’ll see a lot of surrealistic worlds mixed with reality-based elements within this field.

Credits: Joe Mei – Virtual clothing, Paulina Kopijkowska


Featured at Packaging of the World

A fresh new look for ProDen PlaqueOff® packaging range!

We are happy that Adentity’s new packaging design work for ProDen PlaqueOff®, the flagship product of Swedencare, is featured at Packaging of the World – one of the most prominent packaging design website showcasing the most interesting and creative packaging work worldwide.

The objective of this packaging design project was to redesign the ProDen PlaqueOff® range in line with the new Brand Platform and to celebrate 50 years since the discovery of A.N ProDen® with fresh new packaging.

ProDen PlaqueOff®, developed and distributed by Swedencare, is a natural, efficient, and clinically proven oral care product for pets. For this unique product, Adentity has developed a brand and communication platform with a brand story, a brand concept, and a corporate visual identity with guidelines steering the brand.

View more about the design work at Packaging of the World. Read more about the Swedencare packaging story

Adentity celebrating 20 years in Paris!

Colourful art, culinary experiences, and vibrant street life

Bonjour Paris! We celebrated Adentity’s first 20 years with an inspirational trip to Paris. A homage to team spirit, the joy of creative work and passion for building strong brands. Paris inspired us with its beauty, art, culinary experiences, architecture, and vibrant street life. Come with us to Paris!

Pont Neuf in the soft autumn sun

We crossed la Seine over the beautiful Pont Neuf, taking a moment in the warm, soft autumn sun with La Tour Eiffel on the horizon. The bridge is one of Paris’s oldest bridges with its own exciting history. Pont Neuf is a popular location for both filmmakers, artists, and fashion photographers. In 1985, artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude covered the entire bridge in woven polyamide fabric, known as The Pont Neuf Wrapped.

The art museum Musée d’Orsay – Impressionism and Avant-garde

Our first port of call was the Musee d’Orsay. Once upon a time, this building was a train station, the Gare d’Orsay, that was later turned into an art museum. Now it is one of Paris’s most unique museum buildings. Adentity started our visit on the fifth floor, with the great works of Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir, Degas and many more. We passed through the phases of Impressionism, Post-impressionism, and Avant-garde filmmaking. Exploring how Paris has been the centre of so many art movements and eras.

French culinary experience in Saint-Germain

Great art creates great appetite, so it was time for a proper Parisian lunch. We found a perfect place in St Germaine, where we feasted on a starter of classic snails soaked in garlic butter with baguettes whilst digesting the artistic influences from Musée d’Orsay.

Paris – Turning buildings into advertising

Paris is a city that knows how to use every building renovation project as an advertisement opportunity. During renovation the buildings are wrapped, cleverly hiding the messy construction project behind and providing a huge space for advertisements. Seen by thousands of Parisians and visitors passing by, the artwork on these mega-size panels is well executed with high quality design and print techniques making them really stand out.We photographed a few during our trip to Paris. The ”Cloud-ad” for Louis Vuitton was visible all over Paris.

La Basilique du Sacre Cœur with Montmartre ambience

After a short metro ride, we arrived at Chateaux Rouge where we walked up the hill to la Basilique du Sacre-Coeur and enjoyed the great view over Paris. Under the clear Saturday sky, we sat down for a relaxing break on the stairs enjoy the vibrant life around us and being entertained by a young man doing the most fantastic football tricks whilst hanging from a lamppost!

As the sun began to set, we wandered through Montmartre feeling the ambience of streets lined with small houses and the heritage of great artists. Picasso had his first studio in Montmartre at the Rue Gabrielle, also Renoir, Van Gogh and Toulouse-Lautrec had their homes close by.

Celebration Dinner at le Camondo

The restaurant La Camondo is situated in a beautiful Parisian Villa near the Park Monceau in the 8th arrondissement. We had a delicious dinner there with French Cuisine. It was a joyful evening with fun stories of memories and adventures we have experienced together at Adentity.

A fashion walk in the night – from Valentino to Gucci

In a strong, colourful light in a variety of colours from purple, pink, blue and green, the fashion houses presented the clothes for the upcoming winter season. Gucci’s green mega-sized installation for promoting the Gucci Bamboo 1947 bag caught our eye. The entire installation was made only of small, spring-green coloured balls that together created a 3D effect.

Paris landmark number one – La tour Eiffel

Paris was glittering below our feet and the fantastic view from the top made us breathless. The Eiffel Tower or La Dame de Fer – the iron lady – is a true symbol of Paris, and quite extraordinary in the world of marketing.

It is a city landmark like no other. The tower has been at the centre of lots of creative work since it was built in 1889. For example, the French car brand Citroën has used the Eiffel Tower for celebrating their concept of Créative Technologie in several campaigns over the years.

Between 1925 and 1934 the Eiffel Tower served as a marketing pillar for the brand. Using 250 000 lights to form the letters of Citroën, they managed to turn the whole tower in an advert. The Guinness Book of World Records actually recorded the Eiffel Tower as the world’s largest advertisement. There are no limits in the world of creativity – everything is possible.

Looking forward to the next 20 years

After some wonderful days in Paris, the entire Adentity team felt boosted with inspiration, ready to take on new marketing challenges. We certainly look forward to the next exciting 20 years!

Au revoir, Paris! A bientôt.

From powerful paintings at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art to vibrant Copenhagen

Powerful paintings at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art! Adentity enjoyed an inspirational day together in Denmark, visiting the Swedish artist Mamma Andersson exhibition drawing inspiration from her colours and interpretation of Scandinavian nature and life. We also enjoyed some traditional Danish pastries and ate lunch by the glittering waters of Öresund. Then Copenhagen welcomed us at the end of the day with a vibrant city feeling as Denmark opened up lifting all remaining Covid restrictions. A day filled with inspiration, energy and joy!

Our first stop – a traditional Danish Bakery in Humlebæk

After jumping off the train in Humlebæk, we made our first stop at a traditional bakery nearby the train station to enjoy some Danish pastries. It was a great start to sit outside in the warm morning sun whilst enjoying coffee and pastries.

The glittering waters of Öresund

Below the edge of the museum lies the beautiful waters of Öresund. When looking out over the water’s edge we spotted an arty jetty made of concrete and wood. The Louisiana surroundings interact harmoniously with the art inside it, creating a perfect place to gather inspiration.

The Swedish artist Mamma Andersson inspires with nature

We visited the exhibition of the Swedish artist Karin Mamma Andersson (Born 1962 in Luleå). She ranks as one of the most important painters of her generation. Classical painting is at the heart of Mamma Andersson’s work, however, Mamma Andersson has developed a personal take on the classical genres of painting, by using a sharp sense of mood, colour, and materials. Still lifes, interiors and landscapes are at the centre of her creations, made with powerful colours and a distinctive rawness. She works with layers and combinations of materials, which creates richness and depth. There are also small stories and references hidden in the paintings which create interest and something unexpected for the viewer. The exhibition is a mix of new pieces made especially for the occasion, and gathered artwork from different places around the world, for instance The Little Sister II, that is displayed in Centre Pompidou in Paris.

Für Elise (2016) and About a girl (2005)

Copenhagen – A day when everything opened up

We then headed for Copenhagen by train. It was a sunny and vibrant Copenhagen that welcomed us with a hubbub of movement and people on the go. We started with drinks at the historical and colourful Gråbrødretorv that dates back to the 13th century. The square provided a great atmosphere and feelings of joy as this was the day Denmark opened up after lifting the Covid-19 restrictions. You can read more about Louisiana and the exhibitions here.


Swedencare – Going on a brand journey

Join us on an amazing brand journey together with Swedencare and their hero category product ProDen PlaqueOff®.  From brand strategy and brand concept to execution and roll-out with campaign launch, unique concept photos, and a new visual identity.

The brand journey started off with thorough brand strategy work involving interviews, workshops, and research to pave the way for telling the unique story of Swedencare and ProDen PlaqueOff®. During a couple of beautiful summer days, we created stunning, unique imagery which captured the true essence of Swedencare and ProDen PlaqueOff®. And, with the concept “A loving breath throughout life” the new visual identity of ProDen PlaqueOff® and the Brand platform went live through ads, retail material, animations, and social media.

Come along on an exciting journey together with us and Swedencare as we add new chapters to the story of ProDen PlaqueOff®.

See more and get inspired by our brand work, concept photography and campaign launch here

Adentity supports Majblomman

Adentity majblomma support

The 2021 Majblomma might be the wildest ever, with its design combining zebra and tiger striped pattern. The colours and design are always created by children who also chooses the layout through an app vote among the thousands of proposals that are sent in. Over the years the colour combinations have been as diversified and beautiful as the children they support. Take a trip down memory lane and see how many you remember!

Every single krona contributes to Majblomman’s work for children. For more than 100 years they have supported the work against child poverty in Sweden. Click here and support the cause.

Toffifee – A unique baking and styling challenge

How do we involve and create attention among our customers? By developing a unique activity that encourage engagement, creates incentives for sharing and spreads across different channels, connecting online and offline activity. With uniquely developed recipes, inspiring cookie names, a playful colour palette and beautiful photography we created a sweet campaign for our customer Storck.

For the Toffifee Easter Campaign we set up a strategy combining digital and in-store marketing with a clear concept idea, design, messaging and mechanics, expressed through uniquely made recipes and concept images. The campaign built upon the idea of baking with Toffifee together with the family, playing on a Swedish nursery rhyme. It was taken live simultaneously cross platforms on different channels both digital and instore.

There are several ways to connect online and offline activity, and in the end drive in-store traffic. From tried-and-tested tactics like discounts and sales, to larger initiatives such as in-store events or why not engage your customers digitally to create attention. One thing is sure ­– there no shortage of ideas you can tap into if you want to increase your store visits. But the real key to success lies in your overall strategy. Being clear with your target audience and leveraging the right tools is critical to ensuring that your campaigns not only bring in more people but are driving conversions at the same time. Storcks’ Easter Campaign “#bakamedtoffifee is a telling example of this.

Read the whole case here

Time to launch to market with breakthrough innovation!

Our client aXichem is an innovative biotechnology company specialising in the development of natural analogue ingredients. aXichem’s Phenylcapsaicin is a natural analogue substance, which is a synthetically developed and patented chemical compound of the chili pepper extract, capsaicin.

After successful clinical studies, the company is now launching commercially. Adentity is proud to be aXichems’s partner for strategic marketing and sales communication. We support aXichem with both corporate market communication as well as marketing and sales communication for the prioritised market segments aXivite and aXiphen-feed with full-service agency work.

See our work

Turning a design vision into a beautiful floor and campaign

Beautiful interior image from floor campaign

Capturing a transforming design vision! This is the story about how a co-op between an architect and Bona resulted in a beautiful floor as well as stunning marketing material. As part of a creative concept developed for a product launch with Bona, we organised a photoshoot and a collaboration with a unique design and renovation project.

A Mini Castle in Malmö was turned into a modern office space for co-working. The traditional worn herringbone was transformed into a splendid whitewashed floor using Bona Nordic Frost. The aim was to create a natural atmosphere that would highlight the genuine beauty of wood floors. Showing wooden floors in their best light. The result created a light, Scandinavian feel. We love the inspiring ambience a beautiful floor can provide. We couldn’t have asked for a better result!

Thanks to the architect studio Jonas Lindvall A&D for making the design, floor renovation and photo session possible. Thanks to the professional craftsmen from Bona that did a great job renovating the floors.