Castellum – Drone film highlighting new projects in Nyhamnen

Cruising through the sky, the film encapsulates everything that Castellum’s projects in Nyhamnen represent: innovation, modernism and the future highlighting Sjustjärnan, the new Nordic head office for E.ON.

With sustainability, diversity and inclusion at the core of the project, Castellum tasked Adentity with the production of a drone film of their building projects in Nyhamnen, Malmö. To be used as part of their internal and external marketing communication, Castellum wanted to offer an opportunity for viewers to see both individual building projects and how they fit into the area at large.

The first stop in Adentity’s process was scoping out the area, checking where the best views could be shot from and investigating different visual effects. Using own photography, we created the storyboard for the film. With the team briefed, filming was carried out on a beautiful, sunny, Skåne day. The perfect combination of natural lighting, blue skies and eminent architecture resulted in exquisite imagery.

Editing, music and specifically designed graphical elements culminated in a final cut that exemplified Castellum’s character and style. The bird’s-eye view from the drone successfully gave potential customers an opportunity to visualize not only Castellum’s building projects, but also how Nyhamnen is developing and how Malmö will look in the future.

Take a look!