Welcome to a morning of Brandfullness
– A strategic roadmap for your brand


Building strong brands and develop strong concepts is done through a long-term and consistent work, where quality is more important than quantity. Investing time to think and work through your brand will let you meet the competition long before it meets you.

Even in the smallest social media post your brand is communicated – in the message, the video, the hashtag, the concept. To be tactical and cease new opportunities can only be done if you know what you want with your brand and have a solid base for your marketing communication. We want to take you on a brand journey with tips on how to create a stronger brand communication.

To see the common thread through the marketing communication – that is mindfulness for marketing and communications people or what we call Brandfullness.

We will share tips, models, case examples and insights from our work with creating communication platforms and integrated campaigns for international clients and brands.

Be there, get inspired and start your day off with Brandfullness. Welcome.

Where: Quality Hotel The Mill, Amiralsgatan 19, 21155 Malmö
When: 07:00 – 08:30, February 7

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