brand category concept image of a chili and a ring for aXichem by Adentity

aXichem – corporate brand concept

When it was time to launch to market for our client aXichem, Adentity developed a conceptual and benefit-driven sales and marketing package to support the commercialization of its latest product phenylcapsaicin.

Phenylcapsaicin is a natural analogue of capsaicin, but with higher purity, no genotoxicity, higher in concentration, controlled pungency and is suitable for industrial production. This makes it easier to handle and with standard production, resulting in a consistent product at a lower price, delivering benefits such as increased health and sustainability through techno-scientific innovation.

aXichem aXivite branding campaign by Adentity

Adentity supported the commercial launch phase towards the industry segments with customized material for agents, with a global reach.  The material was also developed to support sell-in towards new partnerships with customers and to share knowledge in its different application areas – animal feed and nutraceuticals.

aXivite aXichem corporate brand concept leaflet by Adentity

The challenge was to take aXichem’s innovation to the next level within the focus areas of animal feed and nutraceuticals. Adentity focused on creating relevance for the target groups by showing the potential with aXichem’s value offer. Also, by creating involvement and engagement in the future of aXichem, to show the benefits of the product and get the customers on board. Together with a clear channel strategy to reach out to the target groups, we developed segment concepts to communicate the brand benefits.

aXichem aXivite marketing corporate brand concept by Adentity

We began by analyzing the industry, trends and drivers, then highlighted the core benefits of aXichem’s innovation through a clear corporate brand concept. We created a concept communicating these benefits with key visuals, messages, copy and illustrations. The concept was executed through marketing material for different channels such as film, web, brochures, and sales sheets for the global market.

Axichem campaign molecule gif by adentity