A season of colour from Pantone spring 2017

Pantone colourof the year_Collage

It’s been more than half a century since Lawrence Herbert created the colour measurement standard, Pantone Matching System (PMS), yet it still remains the global language of the creative industry. Pantone affects every aspect of our lives, from the clothes that hang in our wardrobe, to the packaging of our favourite breakfast cereals.

Recently the Pantone Color Institute released its latest semi-annual report, the Pantone Spring 2017 Fashion Color Report Inspired by nature, this vibrant, playful palette is all about emotional appeal. At the top is denim-inspired Niagara (17-4123) a cool, relaxing aquatic hue, and even classic pastels, such as Island Paradise (14-4620) and Pale Dogwood (13-1404) remain on the fashion radar. However, for the most part bold, punchy shades, such as Lapis Blue (19-4045), tropical Pink Yarrow (17-2034) and vivacious Primrose Yellow (13-0755) dominate, evoking energy and confidence. These bold shades complement the current trends for simple, clean packaging emboldened with childlike graphics and creative typography in bold, playful tones.

Don’t ask me, ask my AI

aichess (kopia)2

In an article published in Wired magazine,  journalist David Pierce extols the intelligence and capabilities of digital assistants. In particular, he discusses a new app, currently at prototype stage called Hound. Created by the company behind the music recognition app SoundHound, Hound takes voice recognition and artificial intelligence to a whole new level. According to Pierce, when asked a variety of questions in increasing complexity, and with follow-up questions, Hound responded accurately every time.

This is great, but we can’t help but wonder how long it will take before such AI will be infultrated by marketing strategies. Just as Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA) taps into our online activity to predict and influence our future purchases,  just how long will it be until brands start paying off our digital assistants?

How will we be able to trust our portable gurus to provide us with sound, unbiased information? And how will it offer unbiased answers to political questions – something that the media still cannot achieve? Only time will tell, but we confess that we’re looking forward to the day that AI can help with elusive search for the perfect wardrobe. Gotta love technology.