Creating unique involvement across channels

To create attention for Storck’s product Toffifee, we explored new areas of use by going into baking. For an Easter campaign, we set up a strategy combining digital and in-store marketing with mechanics, design, messaging, uniquely made recipes and concept images. The campaign was built upon the idea of baking with Toffifee together with the family. It went live simultaneously across platforms on different channels both, digitally and in-store.

As social media is a great way to get customers involved and engaged in a brand, we created a photo entry contest. The competition was promoted through an Instagram Ad directed to relevant target groups. It encouraged people to compete with their own sweet creation using the hashtag #bakamedtoffifee and a caption sharing their best baking tips. The best photos won a designated prize.

The hashtag was trending under the campaign period, but also continued to spread after the campaign ended. Engagement was high and the comments section was filled with positive comments, encouraging others to participate.

For the campaign, we collaborated with influencers to spread the word about the competition and create brand awareness. Influencers have the possibility to have genuine conversations with their followers. They’re more likely to be seen as engaging “normal” people who just happen to have a social media platform with a distinct voice, and their followers are deeply connected to them. They often deliver high engagement rates in segmented audiences and their posts perform well organically as their audiences are more likely to convert because of the established relationship of trust.

After scouting the target group for the campaign, the chosen influencers were instructed to bake with the product and post images of their masterpiece. Furthermore, they were told to encourage their followers to compete for the chance to win a prize. Many followers took part in the competition and the statistical results of the engagement were well over benchmark.

For the campaign, five recipes containing Toffifee were created together with a professional confectioner. Tasteful images were taken and styled in a studio. In addition, unique Toffifee cookie names were developed – for example Sagobrownie, Drömtårta and Kalasmuffins.

A playful pastel colour palette with messaging based on a Swedish nursery rhyme was developed. It was executed on retail elements such as top signs, wobblers and a folder, visually presenting the tasteful recipes. This also motivated customers to bring it home to save it for later. Furthermore, it encouraged people to take part in the competition and bake with Toffifee, then share for the chance to win.