drop-it campaign midsona by adentity. packaging of eyedrops
quiz midsona drop-it by adentity

DROP-it campaign

Say it with your eyes
To increase brand awareness for Midsona DROP-it and promote its new products with fresh packaging designs, Adentity developed an integrated campaign that included a microsite with a fun and simple quiz on your eyes’ personality. Are you the ice queen? Or the bashful?

Through the interesting quiz, along with e-banners, the campaign successfully promotes DROP-it as the natural choice for eye care. The new packaging design modernises the brand image, and clearly indicates the different uses of the products, while communicating the health and wellbeing of eyes through positive values. To encourage higher consumer involvement, Adentity also introduced an Instagram campaign “Ditt bästa ögonblick” for customers to win exciting Midsona products.

midsona social media posts drop-it by adentity

Instagram campaign
The Instagram campaign invited target audience to submit their best moments for a chance to win attractive Midsona products.

Drop-it campaign midsona website by adentity

Campaign site
The campaign site allowed users to take a quiz to find out about their eyes’ personalities and share the results on social media.

drop-it campaign midsona by adentity. packaging of eyedrops

Packaging design
The new packaging design featured a clear, bright eye, accompanied with fresh water droplets, and a stylish silver border.


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