Renovation for a brighter future

For years Bona has enjoyed seeing the resource-saving benefits of properly maintaining and renovating floors. In 2020, Bona initiated an ambitious project together with the IVL Swedish Environmental Reseach Institute. They wanted to conduct a study that quantified and verified the positive effects of renovation rather than replacing floors since there are few investigations on the area. Our mission was to lift the benefits of the study. All in order to create a trustworthy and pedagogic global communication based on the study’s result showing immense savings of both energy and reduced CO2.

Bona had a great opportunity to influence the sustainability journey of the floor industry. By creating marketing material lifting the benefits, Bona could secure a positive environmental impact in the business. To awaken floor owners and industry, Adentity created a campaign and developed informative material throughout various channels, calling on different stakeholders to take a more sustainable approach in building surface management.


By creating key messaging, concept images, illustrative infographics, and a sustainability model, we mirrored the sustainability work done in the company. Apart from brochures and folders, online initiatives and communication have created huge attention and committed involvement throughout the industry, floor owners, and beyond. The buzz helped Bona’s sustainability journey reach out to different audiences.


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