TV-series vignettes – their evolution, our inspiration


From catchy theme songs to cheesy photo montages; from the golden days of Friends to the high-budget production of Daredevil. Vignettes from TV series actually have the power to decide whether we pick up the remote to flip the channel, or keep our eyes glued to the screen.

Today, TV-series vignettes have evolved to become a one-minute art piece, complete with an epic soundtrack, advanced filming techniques, and impressive CGI. And given the worldwide popularity of these series, the vignettes themselves have become an inspiration for many artists, designers and of course, the advertising world.

We see many ads across various media that are heavily influenced by the art direction used in certain TV shows, and here’re some of the print ads that we’ve picked out. Can you guess the TV series these have been inspired by?

True detective

Game of Thrones


Black Sails

Mad men

3D printing takes fashion to the next dimension


3D printing has been making the headlines for a while now. And now, it is opening up a whole new world for the fashion industry.

The global fashion scene first saw 3D printed clothes paraded on the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week in 2013. The acclaimed collection was created by designer Iris Van Herpen using 3D printers. In the same year, Victoria’s Secret also jumped on the bandwagon with its first pair of 3D-printed wings during its world-renowned annual show.

Volumental, a Swedish footwear company, recently created a revolutionary service where customers are able to scan their feet and get shoes with the exact measurements perfect fit.


H&M breaks every fashion rule. Except one.

Plus sized, small sized, or no size. Sikh, Muslim, or Atheist. Male, female, or everything in between. Everything goes in this H&M’s latest campaign.

What starts off as yet another glamourous upmarket fashion video quickly turns out to be a manifesto for the freedom of choice, and diversity, and of course, recycling. “Wear whatever, be anything” is the fashion giant’s message to the world. Through a series of empowering images and an inspiring voiceover, the commercial ends with an undeniable call-to-action for H&M’s clothes recycling campaign.

So watch the video. And follow H&M’s one rule of fashion: recycle.