bona campaign oil system brochure image
Bona marketing image of a girl looking at floor samples
bona campaign oil system brochure image. a living room with sofa and some plants

Create your own wood story

To promote the global product launch of the Bona Oil System, Adentity developed “Create your own wood story”, an international 360° campaign with inspiration in focus, based on the features of design, craft and care. The concept aimed to inspire and support the message of creating a floor from vision to reality, bringing out the unique character of each wooden floor.

bona oils magazine by adentity

Campaign execution
We developed a world wide campaign that was executed through advanced conceptual imagery that creates a strong visual impact on the web, in papers and brochures as well as in social media. 

Bona marketing image of a social media post by adentity

Label design
We also developed a new design and labels for the Oil System and visualized shelf impact with a line up of all products.

bona craft oil range by adentity

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