The ultimate sanding experience

User research have a high impact on product strategy—from the first ideas to the delivery of the final product. To promote the launch of Bona’s new sanding machines, we developed an international integrated conceptual campaign with user experience in focus. The campaign focused on the great value the learnings from user research provides. In this case, how it improves the sanding experience of craftsmen.

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A conceptual name for the new Bona Belt and Edge was invented in line with the new modern, safe and technological features the user research had established. The family suffix UX was born, creating a new user-friendly segment of sanders at Bona.

To conceptualize this, we developed a world-wide integrated campaign executed through a powerful messaging and brand-new imagery both from the studio and a modern location with professional models. The concept image of a man sandboarding across the dune’s face, expressing the feeling of a smooth sanding process, bridged that feeling with the experience of using the sander. This created a strong visual impact on the web and in social media as well as in print.

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