Bona mega concept image by Adentity

Bona Mega

A worldwide campaign for a world’s bestseller
Adentity conceptualised and developed the global campaign that doubled the sales for the re-launch of Bona Mega, a world’s bestselling finish. The campaign focused on communicating the uniqueness of the formula, which combines the convenience of a 1-component finish with the superior protection of a 2-component one. It highlighted Bona Mega’s high chemical, spill and scuff resistance in everyday situations.

The concept image shows the resilience of a floor coated with Bona Mega. Whether it’s a wine spill or scuff marks from shoes, Bona Mega delivers the protection a floor needs against everyday use.

The integrated campaign has been executed worldwide through prints, videos, packaging design and even includes a unique customer promotion activity “Golden Ticket Contest”.

Bona Mega print magazine by adentity

Promotional materials include a detailed brochure, posters, in-store materials and sales sheets.


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